"Green" Is Taking Over U.S. Business
By Harriet Steinberg
Mar 11, 2007 - 6:28:00 PM

LOS ANGELES Recent changes in the weather, disasters like Katrina, the Oscar-winning documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and President Bush’s push for fuel alternatives to oil have made people more aware of the fact that we have to make changes if we want to preserve our environment.

Besides environment concerns, businesses are worried that consumers can change their way of thinking when it comes to products that can harm the earth’s atmosphere. This would hurt their business so, they are very willing to go along with the way their product might have an effect on our environment.

Using less energy, producing less waste, recycling heat-trapping carbon emissions, are some of the ways companies show they care about the planet.

McDonald’s took steps 15 years ago to reduce its packaging.

Starbucks has also chosen a digital platform to interact with customers. They will soon launch the Planet Green Game at www. They are hoping that by engaging young people, who spend a lot of time online, that this will be a way of getting to learn how much we all need to help. if we want to save our planet.

The auto industry is also aware of global warming and are trying to do their share.

There is a new type of technology that is being used in the Vanguard minivan. Various technologies have been used for several years, but all of the technologies that have been developed, have never been used in one vehicle. For the first time, all technologies that have been discovered, is now being used in one vehicle, the Vanguard

Automakers are happy about the fact that they can put all the newest technology into one van because of the recent concern over the dangers of global warming. This gives the auto industry a new role in fighting environmental concerns.

The automakers have enough existing technology to be able to cut emissions of the greenhouse gas by 40 percent.

To prove this discovery, a scientist group revealed a blueprint for a climate friendly minivan called the Vanguard. The scientists ran this vanguard with a blend of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol. With this blend, they were able to get 22 miles per gallon driving a combination of city and highway driving. This is equivalent to 28 miles per gallon on conventional gasoline, they said. This is a savings of six miles per gallon

The other technology that was used to save emission was the use of a six-cylinder engine instead of eight. The use of conventional gas and ethanol mixed together along with placing it in a six cylinder car really made the difference. The two ideas made the difference when put into one vehicle

An engineer at Berkley said that in California, the use of the Vanguard technologies would eliminate 73 tons of carbon dioxide by 2030.

A spokesman for Honda Motor Company, however, said that this vehicle that the environmental group designed, existed only as a computer model and questioned whether it could be easily and economically built.

California and ten other states have adopted rules requiring automakers to slash greenhouse gas emissions from their vehicles as much as 34 % by 2016.

Environmental activists are beginning to realize that companies are more committed to fighting global warming, and are hoping that the U.S. will change their standards in regards to helping our environment.

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