News Briefs
Outage On BART
By Liset Villalta
Feb 25, 2007 - 1:09:00 AM

OAKLANDA power outage in east Oakland robbed customers of power for a few hours. The workers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company worked hard to fix the substation problems caused by a small fire. People living in the Fruitvale-Heenberger Road neighborhood were affected. This outage might have also been responsible for the outage on the Bay Area Rapid Transit. Passengers aboard the BART were stranded by the Oakland Coliseum for almost two hours. More than 200 riders were evacuated from the train and taken to safety. No one was hurt and the people aboard the train were calm and collected when escorted off to safety. While the walk was only 15 minutes, some of the elderly people were not evacuated and waited until the power was back on to be taken to their destinations. The power was back on and running at 12:22 p.m.

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