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LA Designer Charged With Rape And Sexual Assault
By Kendra J. Richardson
Mar 18, 2007 - 5:17:00 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—“ America’s Next Top Model” fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander has been charged with rape and sexual assault against two women and a fifteen year old girl, according to police.

Alexander faces charges of six felonies accusing him of other rapes and sexually charged assaults between 2004 and 2007. He was arrested on March 6 after having been accused, again, of rape. In a twist of events for police, Alexander’s arrest has presented new information in connection with several other unsolved rapes in the area. Police believe that Alexander committed the unsolved rapes, as well.

The prosecution in this case are seeking to have all the counts considered in Alexander’s hearing. The prosecution is seeking the maximum punishment for these crimes, but at present the actual truth to Alexander’s role in the unsolved rapes, is unknown. It may be difficult for the prosecution to convince a judge to allow that past evidence into this hearing. At present, Alexander has only been charged with the counts of rape and sexual assault on the fifteen year old victim. If the prosecution’s request to allow the evidence is admitted and Alexander is convicted on all the counts he could face life in prison.

Other aspects of Alexander’s status in Los Angeles are being called into question, as well. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices are looking into Alexander due to their belief that he is in the country illegally. Alexander is originally from India. His attorney adamantly denies all charges and contends that his client is innocent. The designer’s attorney has stated that in the fashion industry women often make up stories if they aren’t the star of the moment. He believes this is exactly the root of these claims. Alexander has been known to be a very public party person and keeps to many women.

The designer is being held on $1.3 million dollars bail until his March 19 hearing.

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