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OJ Simpson Kept From Book Proceeds
By Kendra J. Richardson
Mar 25, 2007 - 2:57:00 PM

LOS ANGELES—In recent weeks, serious angst has come at the hands of OJ Simpson’s recent attempts to make money, all at the hands of the murders he claims that he did not commit. With book deals and television specials at their conclusions, a judge recently ordered Simpson to auction away his rights and to relinquish any royalties that he may have received at the hands of these deals.

Last month, Simpson began publicizing his tell all book “If I Did It: Here’s What Happened”, where he fictitiously recounts the events of his ex-wife’s murder, as well as that of her friend, Ron Goldman. The book deal was canceled and the publisher was fired at the hands of the publicity surrounding the book.

Simpson has received compensation from the book and television deals he has participated in, but all of his projects have recently been cancelled and all book deals have come to a close. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered that Simpson return any royalties he has received to the Goldman family, as well as, acknowledge that he will no longer profit from any endeavors he may pursue in the future. The Goldman’s son, Ron, was murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. The Goldman’s are slated to be expecting $38 million dollars in the wrongful death suit they won against Simpson in the death of their son.

The judge ordered that the rights of the publishing companies involved with the Simpson projects be auctioned off, as well. The family attorney for the Goldman’s wants the royalties Simpson received from past endorsements and films to be given to the Goldman family in their suit winnings against Simpson.

The date, for the auction, has not yet been set.

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