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Company Hoping For Natural Gas Terminal Off Malibu Coast
By Kendra J. Richardson
Apr 22, 2007 - 3:13:00 AM

MALIBU The fate of a natural gas company was in the hands of the California State Commission this week with the task of deciding if it is environmentally safe, as well as, beneficial for the residents of Malibu for the placement of a gas terminal.


The State Commission had to decide on whether to let the Australian energy company, BHP Billiton, permanently place the natural gas terminal along the Malibu coast. The California State Lands Commission also met to decide if the company will be allowed to take flight at Oxnard’s Ormond Beach.

The decision goes through a lengthy process with several signatures necessary before completion. Five government officials, the governor, as well as, the President would have to sign off on the project which is estimated to cost $800 million dollars. The project is slated to be called the Cabrillo Port in Oxnard. The port is said to be used to provide clean burning natural gas. The company wanted to make it clear that they don’t want to add to or create any environmental detriment on the Malibu coast. Residents all around the area are indeed concerned about the influx of smog in association with this addition.

Although benefits are said to be immense for the elderly, many Malibu residents are opposed to the port bill. Tax officials feel that the port will present a new economic giant that is deemed necessary for senior citizens, but would also assist taxpayers, as well. However, several residents aren’t concerned with that particular aspect and fear that the formation of the terminal will aid in the continuation of cartels where the natural gas is produced.

A decision on this bill has not yet been reached.

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