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Destruction In Beverly Hills, The Result Of Wildfires
By Kendra J. Richardson
Apr 22, 2007 - 3:42:00 AM

Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News
BEVERLY HILLSCalifornia, but particularly, Southern California is more susceptible to fire with the sessions of dry weather that the area is faced with. The devastation was brought closer to home in recent days as fires erupted in the Hollywood Hills last Thursday.


The fires, estimated to have been spawn by several variables, damaged several homes and continued throughout the weekend as north winds continued to aid the blazes. Winds reached 50 mph which spread the flames into the neighboring grass fields of the Hollywood Hills. Water dropping helicopters were used to contain the flames. The winds also took down power lines and some fire investigators believe that these power lines were the major components in starting the fires. However, it is certain that the winds worsened an already dangerous set of events.


Fire officials have examined the damaged and have reported that serious damage has resulted to homes in the area. Dry winters and the lack of rain are also being looked into as continuing causes for these vicious fires. The lack of rain for the area causes a great deal of concern for local officials.


Firefighters were very worried about potential hotspots where embers had the possibility of erupting more flames. Numerous power outages were reported as a result of the fires. Over 100,000 Los Angeles County homes were without power.


Only a month ago were fires just as detrimental in Malibu where several homes were damaged including Suzanne Somers’ home. Other celebrities rallied during that time to say that although they were lucky, others were not, but that they are used to the fires in that area. It now comes as no surprise to them. Officials hope to discover new ways to prevent these fires, but in the event that they do take place, they are working on how to become even more proactive.

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