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Search Still On In Hollywood Murder Case
By Kendra J. Richardson
Apr 29, 2007 - 4:25:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—The case is still cold for Hollywood police in the murder of a Cudahy man in March. However, their efforts have not subsided.


The mystery stems from the murder of 21 year old Miguel Macias. Macias was found shot to death in Hollywood while waiting for the bus, police believe. The murder leaves little evidence for police, in that, Macias was not robbed and appeared to have no gang ties. All aspects of the case are being re-examined, but police still remain at square one.

Police do know that Macias worked in Hollywood, but don’t know if he resided there. His body was found near Santa Monica Boulevard and Beachwood Drive, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.


Macias had family and friends in Cudahy. Police believe that he may have lived there himself, but have no evidence of that. Police don’t find Macias’ whereabouts in Hollywood to be of a suspicious nature, in that, he worked as a busboy at the Seven-Forty Club. He took the bus from wherever he resided to work each day. The police have said that although the victim being in Hollywood is baffling, it is not being ruled as suspicious.


The investigation is ongoing. Police hope to have breaks in the case with the help of local residents. At present, officials are looking into the possibility that the victim lived in Hollywood. With that confirmation, they can begin to look deeper into what may have caused this crime.


Police still plan to question family of the victim, but they are asking local residents with any information to contact Detective Robert Vargas at 213-972-2910.

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