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Schwarzenegger To Sue EPA
By Kendra J. Richardson
May 6, 2007 - 3:57:00 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—The delay by the government to begin active regulations in regards to automobile emissions have made serious frustrations in the mind of California’s governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear that he wants a noticeable progression in the handling of this issue by the government. He believes that the delay in his request is inappropriate and dismissive of the problem at hand.


Schwarzenegger’s administration has begun the process to sue the EPA for failure to work quickly on the request to regulate emissions from automobiles. The governor feels that the EPA has been dragging its feet with more progressive measures to begin serious regulation of automobile emissions. His request, at length, has been ignored by top officials. Schwarzenegger said that he will sue if the government doesn’t move quickly.

The normal length of time required to file a suit against any person or company is six months. The governor is right on time with his plans to sue the EPA, if need be. Schwarzenegger has put a 180 day timeline on the government’s response.

Although it has not been completely confirmed, the delay appears to stem from confusion between all parties involved. The EPA officials in charge of these types of decisions felt that they didn’t possess the authorities necessary to begin the regulation of such a request by the governor. Not only were they unsure about the procedure with this type of request, but they also were not sure what measures to take with the regulation of the emissions. Recently, they were granted the appropriate authorities and the process is beginning to move in the governor’s requested direction.

The heads of the EPA plan to begin meeting in May and June to get to work on the changes.

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