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Zarkowi Is Dead But The Worst Terrorist Still Remains
By David Irby
Jun 18, 2006 - 7:31:00 PM

UNITED STATESAs I've mentioned before, I have to submit my Canyon News articles more than a week before publication, and that makes it difficult to stay topical. As I write right now, the big international news is the killing in Iraq, of a major sleaze bucket named "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi", while the big California news is the June Primary and especially the Congressional election in North San Diego.
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No one, except the most militant "Islamist" nut cases, will mourn Zarqawi, but opinion is divided as to its real significance for the Iraq War. For Bush, of course, it's another "Mission Accomplished" moment. "Now Zarqawi has met his end, and this violent man will never murder again," said Bush. (Don't we wish!)

But more cautious and serious analysts point out that Zarqawi's terror group is but one of many in Iraq. And lost amid all of Bush's hoopla over Zarqawi are such facts as that the death toll recorded by the Baghdad city morgue for May was the highest ever, with nearly 1,400 violent deaths.

And that doesn't include deaths due to such things as the almost daily roadside bombs. And May also was one of the worst months for deaths of Americans and other (so-called) "Coalition" forces: 80 in all! And that doesn't include the numbers of soldiers and police of the new American-sponsored Iraqi government, which I wasn't able to find, but which must have been several hundreds.

Nor was I able to find any commentator who pointed out the thing, which is really most significant about Zarqawi: He was really a creature of Bush.

Zarqawi would never have been much other than the small-time thug that he was before Bush's unjust and illegal invasion of Iraq. Bush made Zarqawi, just as he has made every other terrorist in Iraq and there is not a violent death or maiming in that poor country for which Bush is not responsible.

And that also includes the American atrocity at Haditha, and there are actually probably dozens of similar atrocities. This is really a double tragedy, for the Iraqi victims, but also for the American troops. Ordinary guys, our friends and neighbors, have been turned into "war criminals" by Bush, the worst criminal of them all!

But unlike some others who strongly oppose Bush because of his unjust Iraq War; I hope that the new Iraqi government will succeed, will become really capable of securing its own country. That is the best hope available for its people and also for America to be able to withdraw without leaving the place as a haven for "Islamist" terrorists with real international capabilities, that is real "bin Laden clones". This was among the real dangers that patriotic opponents of the invasion warned Bush and his minions of; and it is that danger that his actions have placed all of us in, a fact that should NEVER be forgotten!

But the Iraq War is a real contrast to the one in Afghanistan. The reason for that war was certainly just. The "Taliban", who were a brutal dictatorship against their own people, were allowing bin Laden to operate the camps where the "9-11" murders trained and to continue to taunt us with threats of more of the same. So the invasion of Afghanistan was "just", indeed it was really necessary.

But not only must the reason for a war be just, but it must also be fought in a just way and one of the negative effects of the Iraq invasion is that it took resources away from what should have been the REAL "war on terror", and now things seem to be going badly in Afghanistan too. And there is also increased trouble on the Israeli/Palestinian front and ditto for Iran, Sudan and Somalia. All of this is connected to Bush's foolhardy Iraq invasion.

So we can only hope for speedy ends to both the Iraqi and the Afghani wars. And also for more justice in regard to many other issues, not least that to the millions of immigrants, especially ones from Mexico, who are really crossing a border which was drawn unjustly in the first place.

These goals can only be accomplished if a strong Democratic majority is returned to both houses of Congress and it is also to be hoped that Phil Angelides will replace "Girly Man" Schwarzenegger in November. And if the Primary and the result in North San Diego showed nothing else, it is that Democrats must show a new sense of unity and purpose, to turn things around in November. So Democrats and ALL progressively-minded people need to pull together now.

Westwood native, David Irby is a writer and social justice activist, who is now based in beautiful Dingle, Ireland. Contact him via

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