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'Boardwalk Empire' And More In Hollywoodland
Posted by Contributor on Oct 9, 2011 - 11:59:05 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—This week in Hollywoodland it’s all about the upcoming episodes of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” and “Dexter,” which airs on Showtime. These three hot shows are better than they’ve ever been before for very different reasons. “Boardwalk” has an award-winning cast and writing team, and is really becoming exciting, as 1921 in Atlantic City is not without danger. From Nucky’s criminal enterprise to Lucky Luciano’s mafia ties and the KKK, Atlantic City was formed by a powerful number of American gangsters, who all had their own agenda. “Dancing With The Stars” needs your help to show the Disney network we value American heroes over cable scream queens and “Dexter’s” second episode “Once Upon A Time” is going to be deliriously exciting for viewers.

Jimmy Wants Control Over The Boardwalk

On Sunday night’s episode of “Boardwalk Empire,” titled “A Dangerous Maid,” things will continue to crumble around Nucky. His empire is in jeopardy of being taken over by his little brother Jimmy, who this season has decided he wants to be the top man on the Boardwalk. Nucky’s only ally so far is Margaret, and the crooked mayor of Atlantic City, whose support and alliance may also crumble.

With the Commodore using his Coast Guard connections to put the squeeze on Atlantic City’s liquor shipments, Nucky reaches out to Washington’s new Attorney General, Harry Daugherty (Christopher McDonald), to return a political favor. This may be more trouble for Nucky than he thinks, since the federal government’s intervention may be the last thing he needs to interfere in his criminal enterprise. Chalky is needed, but he’s in jail right now. Nucky’s back is against the wall, and it’s a dangerous place to be, while all alone.

In an effort to prove his worth, Owen intervenes on a delivery intended for struggling casino operator Lolly Steinman (Danny Burstein). However, Owen may be biting off more than he can chew, so to speak. While two sets of dinner guests clash at Babette’s, look for Margaret to began shedding her pretense with Katy (Heather Lind) and the household staff; thus placing the maid and the mistress at odds, leading to a dangerous showdown. Margaret’s next move may be her last! And Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) chafes at her enforced loneliness. A Dangerous Maid” was written by Itamar Moses and directed by Susanna White.

“Boardwalk Empire” airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. exclusively on HBO.

Dexter Morgan Faces Another Unholy Season

Then there is the hit Showtime Sunday night drama “Dexter,” which stars the handsome and award winning actor Michael C. Hall in the title role. Dexter Morgan is an expert CSI, who specializes in blood splatter evidence. This season Dexter will find himself in more danger than ever before. And that’s saying a lot. Last week’s season premiere when all hell broke loose was a ratings bonanza and viewers were anxious to see what has happened to Dexter Morgan over the year’s time that he’s had to get over wife Rita’s death and also to get over Lumen walking out on him.

When the show picked up, Dexter was interviewing a Catholic preschool for son Harrison, and the nun was not initially impressed with Dexter but agreed to take Harrison on as a student. The beloved serial killer (Dexter) hunted down a man who killed his first high school girlfriend. Dexter was back in the action he’s known for, and viewers loved it. Acclaimed character actor Edward James Olmos has joined the cast in a mysterious role as an evil man, who has a great deal of religious control over young people who are willing to do his bidding, or killing as it is.

This week’s episode titled “Once Upon a Time” has more action than the premiere episode of season six last week. In order to solve the mysterious murders, Miami homicide division asks for the help of Brother Sam, who Dexter knows used to be a serial killer. Debra has two proposals, one personal and one job-related. Guess which one will create the most drama for Deb?

“Dexter” airs at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights exclusively on Showtime.

ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” has never been one of my favorite shows. This year they have the least star quality ”˜so called’ star or celebrity contestants than ever before. One contestant spends all of her free time away from the show, on her ”˜legal show’ promoting herself, even though she’s belittled Hollywood and stars on this very show for years now. And then there is the fact that she’s still in the competition after several weeks while some of the best dancers are getting voted off. Lending credence to the rumors that the show is rigged. Well, I won’t go that far! Though they do have exceptional professional dancers who train and dance with people who don’t have a lot of talent. There are the obvious stars, such as David Arquette, Chyna Phillips and even Chaz Bono. They are after all stars, not talent-less TV personalities who are desperately seeking the spotlight here in Tinseltown, and then bashing Hollywood when they are not lucky enough to be a part of it.

However, the biggest star this year is J.R. Martinez, who is a true American hero. A young man who was an Army infantryman, who was hit by a land mine when he was driving a military vehicle in Iraq, and was burned all over his body. J.R. became a motivational speaker after almost being killed in Iraq. He then joined the ABC soap opera “All My Children.” And Prospect Park which plans to air the soap online had better be sure to hire this guy.
Iraq War Hero JR Martinez With Karina Smirnoff, DWTS

He has star power and is uniquely talented all in one. Martinez still wishes he could be in Iraq serving our nation. He said recently in an interview, “I’m representing all of our vets. The thing is, a lot of our vets come home and they feel displaced, and they don’t feel like their voice matters, so for me to be a spokesman and have that honor to educate America about who we are and what we are, it’s like I’m doing my job. I’ll never have the opportunity to go back to Iraq and serve my country, but I tell people this is my way of serving. I don’t have a weapon in my hand, and I don’t have a uniform on my body, but my uniform now is my scars and weapon is my words, so I’m still serving.”

This man needs to win “Dancing With The Stars.” He’s a real star in every way, but most of all, he is a genuine American hero. So please remember to support J.R. and his gorgeous and talented dancing partner (Karina Smirnoff), who danced their hearts out last week. They dedicated their dance to the fallen soldiers in the war, who cannot return home alive to dance with their wives, their husbands and the people they love here on earth, ever again. While one competitor is using her exposure to garner favors from previous and current former contestants, making silly appearances on her show while she pretends she’s actually a star herself at this point.

J.R. is not making a mockery of his exposure on “DWTS,” and he’s not star struck chasing around Hollywood like an overactive teenage fan showing up on the TMZ set and mugging every camera crew that shows up at CBS where the show is filmed. He lives his life with real dignity and honor every day. But truly honor us by his service in Iraq in the name of the United States of America. Please vote for J.R. and Karina! You can vote for this amazing dancing duo at 1-800-868-3410, or text “VOTE” to 3410 on your cell phone, or you can also go to, go to “DWTS” section and vote for J.R. and Karina. Remember, ABC may want to keep the tabloid queen on, but real fans of the show need to honor Martinez’s service to America.

Watch “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m. on ABC. And vote!

And a final so long to a dear friend, character actor Charles Napier who died last week at the age of 75.

Have a great weekend, see you next week! XOXO

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Photographs are courtesy: Boardwalk Empire by Macall B. Polay/HBO, Dexter by Showtime Productions and J.R. and Karina “Dancing With The Stars” by ABC/Disney Studios

DISCLAIMER: This article was a contribution made by an outside agency or person. The content has not been verified by Canyon News. Please exercise your due diligence prior to relying on this article for factual information. Canyon News is not responsible for the views, words, and opinions of contributors.



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