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Remembering Clint Walker, An Exclusive
Posted by Tommy Garrett on Aug 2, 2009 - 2:09:07 PM

Photo courtesy of
BENEDICT CANYONClint Walker is a name that conjures up thoughts of hope, cowboys, a devout Christian and a handsome guy. All of those things have been a part of Walker’s life for over six decades now. Sitting down with Clint and his beautiful wife Susan on a sunny, warm California day is always a joy. However, at this time in our nation’s history, the Walkers offer their hand in solidarity to freedom loving Americans and the hope for a brighter future. The couple believes that Americans still need to have hope.

Since the Western Channel has been replaying the entire “Cheyenne” series, the couple has been inundated with fan letters from sincere fans of the past who grew up with the cowboy Cheyenne and also a new generation of youth who are too young to remember when “Cheyenne” was not only ABC’s number one show but when Clint Walker was the most recognized actor on the planet. Nothing has really changed, he’s still handsome and honorable. A man that many young men of the baby boomer generation credit with making them want to become bodybuilders, policeman and a few cowboys, continues to be one of the glaring lights of hope in our nation. Susan however adds, “And he has many female fans too. Many young girls when I was growing up wanted to marry Clint, Cheyenne or some man just like them.”

Clint tells Canyon News exclusively, “I do have hope and faith. Tommy, remember I told you years ago, when you are worried about something or stressed, you need to remember that you are not alone and that if you remember how many friends you have, nothing is insurmountable. That’s how I feel about the state of our nation and the world right now. We are all facing serious threats to our freedoms, hope is dim, we have the wrong leadership and the country is going in the wrong direction, but we can overcome all of this together.” Walker a child of the great depression knows that hard times can be a blessing in disguise. “We have been away from the Lord too long. We’re coming back now in droves and he’ll bless us. But we have to do a lot of the heavy lifting of making our nation strong again ourselves,” said Walker.

Wife and business partner Susan Walker said, “I am simply overwhelmed by the love and support we receive from fans all over the world who see Clint and ”˜Cheyenne’ as beacons of hope in these very trying times.” Susan Walker is an herbalist who believes that Mother Nature can provide for our physical needs. “We shouldn’t over cook everything. We really need to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and listen to what our bodies are telling us.” Clint adds, “Yeah Tommy. Get those fruits out of the pies and start eating them the way they were intended to be eaten.” He laughs.

Readers of Canyon News have asked me for months if I could ask certain questions of the icon and so Walker was ready to offer his advice readily. One reader wanted to know how the Walkers manage to remain so youthful looking and in excellent health. Susan’s put this reporter on a regimen of MSM, vitamins and fresh foods, which I credit with keeping me going during a very hectic schedule in this business, but Clint puts it very simply what everyone can do to help maintain physical health.

“Exercise is very important. It’s basically what we have all been taught as children, you use it or you lose it. Using weight therapy is also important. Weights add enough resistance to the bones to make them stronger so that when we are older we don’t have to worry about osteoporosis and broken hips as well as other ailments that occur as we get older. Secondly, diet, that’s very important and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Unless we are getting proper nutrition and nutrients in our bodies, time, age and environmental factors will tear the body down before it has time to rejuvenate itself. And then most importantly, put yourself around good people. People who are positive, who are encouraging and god loving and that will give you the peace of mind you need to help regulate your body and spirit,” said Walker.

Fans are flocking to the Walkers' Web site and the most asked question is, will the entire series of “Cheyenne” be put on DVD anytime soon? Clint Walker states, “Right now Warner Brothers is in agreement with the Western Channel to air it. Susan and I advise people not to purchase illegal versions of the DVD from unscrupulous companies and individuals. Right now season one of the series is available through WB directly or through our site. As soon as any further seasons are available, we will announce it on the Web site.” The Walkers have been saddened to hear of some of the show’s fans purchasing things from outside sources, which are not of good quality. So fans should be sure to keep checking their official Web site: for updates on all legitimate sales of the “Cheyenne” series.

Susan Walker added, “We get so many thousands of e-mails and letters. We can’t possibly answer them all, but we appreciate the love and support Clint’s fans give us and thank them for their business." Fans still enjoy seeing the Walkers at many shows which they try to attend every year to meet their fans. Clint Walker’s in the process of completing other literary works, which will be available on his official Web site when it’s completed. “Yes, I still intend to do my autobiography, it's already written, I just need to tell the story,” said Clint Walker.



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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.