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Meet Comedian Zara Mizrahi, Exclusive
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Sep 27, 2011 - 12:49:57 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Tonight comedian Zara Mizrahi will perform at the famed L.A. Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. Mizrahi is a comedian, musician, writer and actor based in Los Angeles, who has already been a successful child model and actress in the industry. The self taught pianist learned at the age of 7 to dazzle those around her, and in her short life has always been one that performed for others, entertained and engaged people’s attention.

Comedian Zara Mizrahi

Zara is also a skilled guitarist, bassist, drummer and singer, who has written many of her own songs. However, tonight the young beauty will be performing her comedy act before a live audience. “I do stand up several times a week in Los Angeles. I try out new material as often as possible, which is always fun and terrifying. All of my dates are posted on my website, www.zaramizrahi.com,” said Zara.

Because she’s spent most of her life in front of a camera, I wondered if performing in front of a live audience is as grueling and scary as some have said. Zara laughed, then answered, “Stand-up was surprisingly not all that scary for me. When I released my album ”˜Loosen My Lips’ (available on iTunes), I needed to learn how to perform live. I kept getting nervous before my shows, and it was actually my brother who suggested I try stand-up to (get the nerves out). For me, the stakes were low because I didn’t want to be a comic. I quickly wrote a set and got on stage the following weekend. I caught the bug.”

Zara has trained at The Groundlings, Scott Sedita Acting Studios and the Howard Fine Acting Studio, where she developed strong technique that made her adept in dramatic and comedic roles on stage and in film. She recently finished writing ”˜Laugh Out Loud,’ a series about the world of stand-up comedy, and performs regularly at venues throughout California. Never one to shy away from acting or performing, Zara added, “My favorite projects ever are the ones in which the actors are allowed to improvise the dialogue. I don’t know if it’s the free spirit comedian in me, but I love not playing by the rules. It’s the most fun when I’m told, ”˜Here’s what has to happen in this scene, make it work.’ You don’t always know where it’s going, but it’s the job of a comedian to just go with it, and make it work.”

“One thing I love about stand-up is that it opens so many doors. It could lead to starring in and writing my own show, and hopefully being on the soundtrack. Eventually I want my music, comedy, and acting to all come together to make an epic, boundary-pushing career,” said Zara. “Since I’m only three months into my stand-up career, that’s a pretty cool experience for me to have.” Catch one of Hollywood’s rising stars in the act tonight!

So head out to the L.A. Comedy Store tonight for Zara’s show, which begins at 7:30 p.m. PST. The Comedy Store is at 8433 W Sunset Blvd. Take a look at Zara in action.

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