Pet Tips
Pet Tips for Summer
By Sheila Cornelius
Jun 11, 2004 - 2:19:00 PM

1.  Make sure there is plenty of water available for all pets but particularly dogs who are kept outside.


2.  NEVER leave an animal in a car without an open window!!!


3.  Keep lots of dry food available for your pets when you are away as hot weather makes wet food dry or, worse, subject to parasites.


4.  If you plan to walk your dog on black pavement in summer, try it yourself without shoes.  It is hot!


5.  Barking dogs bother your neighbors more when the windows are open.


6.  Beware the 4th of July.  If your pet is sensitive to loud noises you should make sure they are inside and, if possible, not left alone.


7.  Fleas and summer go together.  Think Advantage, Frontline and baths.  When bathing cats, be careful!


8.  Owners of inside/outside cats should try not to freak out upon finding a rodent -- dead or alive – in the house.  Cats are nocturnal.  Unfortunately so are mice and rats.


9. Think like your pet and don't do anything to it you would not do to yourself!  


10.  NEVER EVER let a cat or small dog out if you live in Coyote territory where lack of water or food drives them from their natural territory.

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