Pet Tips
Traveling with Pets
By the Staff
Jun 25, 2004 - 3:25:00 PM

The American Kennel Club offers the following ideas on traveling with pets:


Start with a trip to the vet to make certain that your pet is in good health. You may need a health certificate from your vet if you're traveling by air or going to a foreign country.


Make certain to check pet policies at hotels or other places of lodging, like campgrounds, in advance.


Exercise your dog before you leave. A tired pet will sleep more easily and adapt more readily to new surroundings.


Do not let animals hang their heads out of the window of moving vehicles.

Eyes, ears, and throats could become inflamed.


Traveling can be especially stressful for birds and smaller mammals, such as hamsters and rabbits. Even more so for reptiles because of their specialized diets, and specific light and temperature requirements.


Be sure to pack food, favorite toys and bowls, a recent photo and description of your pet, appropriate medications, your vet's number, and plenty of water, for both on the road and later. (Diluting local water with water from home can help prevent diarrhea.)


Many humane societies recommend that pets in cars/trucks be crated. In air travel, pets are usually crated, too. When the animal is crated, make certain the animal has enough room to stand, turn around and be comfortable, yet feel secure. Make certain enough air gets in and that the locks are securely fastened. If an animal is unaccustomed to traveling, let it get used to the crate with short practice runs.





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