Point of View
Are You Kidding Me?
By Trevor Roberts
Apr 27, 2013 - 6:48:25 AM

UNITED STATES—The issue of gun control continues to be a major problem in America nowadays.  This whole issue with the second amendment and the right to bare arms has everyone in uproar about the possibility of having that right taken away from them. 

President Obama consoling families from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.


With the recent epidemic of unspeakable acts of violence against people of the United States through the usage of guns, it only makes logical sense that some sort of law be implemented to protect any person from being able to get their hands onto a weapon.  I couldn’t believe the news this week when it was revealed that another shooting took place, this time in Illinois where five people were shot dead. 


It’s like there is an epidemic on the horizon and we must do something to stop it.  After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT that claimed the lives of innocent children, it just seemed probable that action would be taken, but not so fast.  Congress voted last week to shut down that initiative to implement a law protecting our nation from those looking to do harm to others.  In the wake of such shooting tragedies members of Congress lauded to implement anti-gun bills, but when it came time to actually vote on it, they chose to cowardly hide behind the veil.  Why be such a hypocrite?  You say one thing and then turn around and do something else.  Maybe someone should send a memo to Washington D.C.  Actions do indeed speak louder than words.


In my personal opinion, anyone looking to carry a firearm should have an extensive background check before having the ability to carry a gun.  That’s the epidemic we’re facing right now.  There are so many illegal weapons on the streets right now; it’s propelling much of the violence that is taking place in many major cities.  A gun is a weapon that was used for combat.  We’ve become a nation where a gun is now a commodity.  Having a gun to some people make them appear cool and apart of an elite culture.  They never seem to grapple with the message that we are sending to the youth. 

Guns are dangerous.


When I think of a gun, it reminds me of something dangerous, something that can be used to do harm and to threaten others into giving or doing something against their will. We do not live in the Wild Wild West.  People should not be walking around carrying guns for their personal safety.  We should not live in such a culture, but we do. People are acting on fear, and I can’t blame them.  So many unspeakable horrors, unbelievable crimes have taken place which we cannot manifest a motive for. 


It’s not just the fact that a gun was used; it’s the type of weapon.  Why in the world would a person need an automatic weapon?  Why is it even legal for such people to obtain permits for these weapons?  I get that people like to hunt, but do you really need a weapon of that caliber to hunt.  The answer to that question is no.  There is no justifiable reason to place on the American public to advocate for people to be able to have such weaponry at their disposal.  You’re not fighting a war, but perhaps we should implement such tactics.  For all those people using heavy artillery to commit heinous acts on innocent people, let’s implement the draft and force them to be placed in a battle zone where such weaponry is suitable.


What is it going to take for our country to realize that GUNS ARE DANGEROUS?  Some more than others, and we have to get over this ideology that just because a law says so that we are destined to fulfill that law by making sure we get our fingertips on every dangerous weapon made to man. 

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