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Being Independent
By Trevor Roberts
Apr 21, 2013 - 8:09:01 PM

UNITED STATES—Being independent is a great thing.  Anyone who has ever owned their own home, apartment, car or money can understand what I mean.  There is a bit of an epidemic in today’s world where more and more young adults are finding themselves being forced to move back in with their parents.  It’s not something I think anyone in their 20s or even early 30s would want, but financial times are tough nowadays.  So many college graduates are facing the daunting task of being left with thousands of dollars of debt and no job to pay for it.


Living with parents is difficult.  You have to obey their rules, there is a curfew intact and you’re expected to do whatever they ask you to do, because let’s face it you live in their home.  Your parents might tell you save up your cash so you can purchase a place, some might tell you I expect you to pay this bill, etc.


Under no circumstance do I support a parent housing a grown adult who is not working in any capacity.  There should be some sort of drive to want to be on your own, to have your own money and to be able to provide for yourself, yet there is a generation that does not seem to think so. I know so many people are living with their parents and doing absolutely everything in their power to get their own place and take care of their fiancés, but things do not always happen as quickly as we’d like them to. 


As long as you live, you will always have expenses, a portion of your income must be allocated to food, water, gas, electricity, housing, etc.  Once those expenses are paid off, you might have a few dollars to put into your savings account.  So when you think about it, it may take I’d say between 2-5 years to get a good financial standing to provide for yourself; to purchase a home, lease an apartment or a condo to get things afloat at least for the first year.


Once you have a place situated, transportation is another issue.  So many of us want and own our own vehicles, but some of us don’t have the finances to purchase a car and may rely on public transportation, which isn’t the greatest.  There is no better feeling than getting in your car and being able to come and go as you please.  While having your own car makes you independent, if you’re not able to pay your own bills, you really are not independent as you’re relying on someone else to do those things for you.  To be independent requires you taking care of yourself from all avenues; no one else forks the bill for you. 


So many young adults have this foreign expression of what it means to be independent; you are to a degree, but not fully.  As for those children so quick to become an adult, they learn the hard way.  Things are not as rosy and green on the other side as we’d like to think.  Like I say and I’ll say it time and time again, being an adult and being independent is a great thing, but just remember responsibility is always a part of your life, you can’t skate those duties. Enjoy life during your early years, but do not be afraid to mature as time comes, its apart of growing up, we all have to do it, whether we like it or not.

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