Point of View
Celebrity Spokesperson
By Trevor Roberts
Aug 18, 2013 - 4:55:20 AM

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
UNITED STATES—If you think this piece is about celebrities endorsing company products think again. This is a piece about the role of ”ňúcelebrity’ in everyday culture. The question has come up time and time again, just how much of a spokesperson is the everyday celebrity for our youth.  The answer to that question is more than you think. 


I’ve heard from countless celebs who feel their actions have no impact on the millions of fans who look up to them, but it does.  The problem with younger fans is the concept that their brains are continuing to absorb knowledge as they age.  They are easily manipulated by the forces that surround them and a celebrity figure for some, acts as an authority figure.  If they see Kim Kardashian advocating for teens to stay away from drugs, they are more inclined to listen to that public figure. 


Celebs have the right to live their lives and do as they please without having the burden of what influence they can potentially have on their fans, but in my opinion they have a responsibility to be concerned about the well-being of their fans.  Let’s face it, no one becomes a celebrity overnight, well then again it’s possible, but the only reason you become famous is because of the fans.  If the fans no longer care about you the fame that you once held becomes insignificant.


So with the recent buzz surrounding celebs using their music as a platform to promote an underground drug that is plaguing our youth and young adults I thought this forum was the right way to voice my concern.  Even if the attempt was not to promote the drug intentionally, the mere mention of the drug’s name is enough to get inquiring young minds to investigate what it is.  Even worse is the idea that because so and so is talking about it, it must be something I’ve got to try as well.  Wrong!  This drug is dangerous and for fear of other teens and adults using the drug, I am keeping its name anonymous.  I will however, so it’s a popular female name and if you’ve heard musicians talking about the drug in their music, don’t believe the hype.  This isn’t something you should experiment with or become entangled in trying out. 


No drug is good for the human psyche and celebs should be weary of pushing such information into the public sphere.  Just because a niche market of society is engaging with the product, does not mean you should be unintentionally promoting it through music. The irony is that celebs may know nothing about the drug, yet there mere mention has peaked the interest of millions of adoring fans who look up to this individual.  So what happens next?  A domino effect! Teens are easily influenced by their peers and what they hear others talk about.  The intention may not be there to begin, but all it takes is a subtle push to grab one’s interest.


Whether you want the title or not, as a celebrity you are a spokesperson; not just for a particular product that you endorse, but for the millions of people who made you the star that you are today.  Use your words carefully because they are listening closely to everything you say even if the intent is not to cause any harm.

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