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Contracts, Contracts
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 9, 2013 - 8:43:04 PM

UNITED STATES—Why is it when it comes to being provided a service every company wants to lock its consumer into a contract?  If you purchase a new cell phone, the device is fairly affordable if you choose to get locked into a two-year contract with the service provider.  Why is it 2 years all the time?  Is it to have you at their finger tips because let’s face it a lot of cell phone providers give crappy service.  They can care less about the consumer they just want your money.

Contracts bind you in more ways than one. (Credit: Robert L. Meyers/Canyon News)

Why is it when I have a problem with my cell phone bill I can’t go to a service center to get assistance I have to speak with someone directly over the phone?  Heck they have no problem taking my money, but when I have questions hold on a sec.  No give me a break.  They know people are not willing to spend $600 for an iPhone 5, but they’ll get it for free to be locked into a contract for multiple years where they’ll be paying that bill each month no matter what, cause if you cancel early you’re hit with a fee. 

Well I’m a bit smarter than the average consumer.  I have no trouble spending the full-price for a device cause let’s face it, I prefer not to be at someone’s mercy when locked into a contract, this way if I choose to no longer want that company’s service I can bid farewell at my choosing not, theirs.  Most companies don’t like that idea though. 

This argument is not limited to the use of mobile devices it’s also for cable providers and insurance providers (home and car).  The rates that car insurance and home insurance go for in certain parts of the country are unbelievable.  I’ll be damned if I have to fork over hundreds of dollars and when I need my insurance to cover something I have a problem.  Stop being greedy!  It doesn’t just stop with insurance because cable providers and internet providers do the same. 


They lock you in for a low rate for a year or two, and after that contract expires the prices sky rocket to unbelievable amounts.  It happened with my cable provider.  I won’t name names, but if I hadn’t inquired about why my bill was so high I would have never known they were overcharging me and getting away with it.  What makes things worse is they had no intention of alerting me of the issue.  Greed, it’s a hell of a drug!  There is a reason people prefer not to be locked into contracts because if something goes wrong, the consumer gets screwed. 


The same applies when renting an apartment; once you’re locked in there’s not much you can do until that contract expires. That’s why some people are so weary about renting apartments; unexpected things occur and when you’re locked into the contract there’s not too much you can do.  So am I a fan of contracts, not at all.  I understand why they are in place, but I do feel some parties take that perk to lengths that benefit them more than it benefits the consumer.  And that’s a shame.

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