Point of View
Couch Potato
By Trevor Roberts
Mar 22, 2014 - 8:41:21 AM

UNITED STATES—Hey, America we are facing a major epidemic. We’ve become couch potatoes. It’s not something we should be promoting, but it unfortunately appears to be that way. We’ve allowed ourselves to become so comfortable with the routine that we have set for our lives, we rarely deviate from it. For starters, most of us are working 45-60 hours a week, yes, that’s a long work week; I’ll be the first to admit when Friday comes I’m ecstatic.

I have two days to enjoy myself or at least I’d like to think that, but at the same time, my body is so physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally drained I have no interest in doing anything. I want a day to just plop on the couch and enjoy some of my favorite shows that I’ve missed all week. I’ve come to realize a sedentary body is not healthy.

Those who don’t put their bodies in motion are more inclined to suffer health risks. Type II diabetes being one factor, as those who sit are not mobile and at the same time we’re likely stuffing our faces with items not good for the body. On top of that, we’re implanting bad habits to our kids. Children imitate what they see, so if their parents are spending countless hours on the couch, they’re inclined to want to do the same thing. What happened to the good ole days where kids used to spend hours, I mean hours outside playing tag or other countless games.

I’ll tell you what happened, the Internet. The evolution of technology has indeed become a downfall for many of us. We spend so much time on computers, on social media, playing video games, everything technology driven to the point, that we forget the pure joys of the outdoors, or just putting our bodies in motion to begin with.

Something I’ve come to realize is the fact that sitting on the couch is quite boring to say the least, when watching television that may not be the case, but when you reflect on the amount of time spent doing nothing, it becomes a revelation of all the time we could have been doing something more creative, inspirational or life-changing to say the least.

There are so many things we could actually be doing, that we don’t do, and why not. We allow our judgment to be clouded with things that we think we should be doing versus things that we could be doing. I saw the funniest thing this week that literally shocked me. Bravo has a new reality show dedicated to watching the reactions to people who sit on their couch watching their favorite television shows. That’s pretty bad right? I thought the same thing.

We’ve become a culture so glued to the TV screen that we have reality shows dedicated to watching people watch TV. I wonder how the people are being filmed feel about that. It doesn’t depict one in the most positive light in my opinion to say the least. Hey America, this is a wake-up sign, we’re spending too much time doing little to nothing and we have to change that ASAP otherwise we’ll become a culture full of couch potatoes, and as we all know, potatoes aren’t that healthy for you to begin with.

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