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Decisive Politics
By Trevor Roberts
Jun 21, 2013 - 5:39:50 PM

Roe v. Wade
UNITED STATES—Where are we nowadays when politicians continue to push egregious bills to further their own end goals versus protecting the concerns of the citizens they are to represent?  It appears politics has always been this way; it’s the notion that politicians are blunt in indicating their intentions. Recent buzz has been in the air in the recent weeks of a bill proposing the stop of abortion in women, even in the case of rape or incest. 

When I first heard this I was baffled!  Are you seriously telling me, a politician believes its okay to force a woman to bear a child after she has been raped or in the case of incest?  The Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade changed the dynamics of the government’s attempt to control a woman’s body as the case ruled that a woman has the right to determine what is best for her body. A woman has the right to choose in the case of what to do with her body, yet we continue to live in a world where politicians and so many others think they can control the outcome. 


To see other males think its okay to decide the best outcome for a woman without considering the outcome is alarming.  In my opinion, rape is one the ugliest most despicable crimes.  Not only is it violent, it’s a psychological trauma that lives with the victim forever.  It never goes away and it’s a crime that is quite haunting to say the least.


For a political figure to make the decision for a victim who has been raped and becomes pregnant from such a heinous crime is unspeakable.  Am I arguing that the birth of life is not something sacred? Absolutely not, but we cannot make a choice like that for a victim.  People deal with trauma in various ways and it could be unhealthy not just for the child, but for the parent as well in this case.

This same notion applies for cases of incest. So many children have become victims of incest from older relatives and have to face the burden of carrying a child from that individual.  The psychological trauma for those events are just as difficult. For the victim having close ties with the perpetrator, as well being reminded of the unspeakable act because of the child can be a difficult burden.


Now I know what all the pundits will say, there’s always adoption.  Which is a valid point, but just because a parent places a child for adoption does not mean that parent does not have a relationship or longing for a relationship with that child. Being a parent is the most important job as adults we will tackle.  Even if we’re placing that responsibility onto someone else, it does not diminish the woman’s care for the child. 


A woman’s right to choose has been a battle that has been ongoing in this country for decades, what’s even scarier is the government’s tactics to diminish the possibility of abortion.  I honestly do not believe any woman wants to face the difficult task of terminating a pregnancy; it’s a loss of life and it’s an emotional rollercoaster for many.


Now factor in the case where someone has been raped or befallen victim to a case of incest and that heightens those emotions even more. Politicians have much more important issues in this country to discuss; trying to control whether someone can bear a child or not is not one of them. Before you know it, the government will be in America’s bedroom telling them who they can and who they cannot sleep with.  I’m certain that’s something none of us want.

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