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Fiscal Cliff Catastrophe Averted
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 3, 2013 - 6:19:36 AM

UNITED STATES—Americans can take a deep breathe because Congress finally decided to do something right for a change and do what’s in the best interest of the people.  Literally into the final moments of the first day of the New Year 2013, Congress was able to put aside their own selfish needs to think about the overall importance of the American people and agree on a plan.  I honestly thought a deal was not going to be reached, but was happy to hear the news.  I already feel like I pay quite a bit in taxes, so any increase would only hurt my wallet even more. 

112th Congress has reached an agreement to avoid going over the Fiscal Cliff


The new deal would keep taxes where they currently are for the majority of Americans, only the wealthiest 2% those earning over $400,000 a year are expected to pay more in taxes and rightfully so, as some have skated the issue in previous years.  It’s going to be a win-win if only Congress can get a handle on all the excessive spending habits.  More income will be reserved for the middle class giving them that opportunity to spend more freely this year without the concern of being overtaxed or unsure where the economy may be heading. I was however, not pleased how Congress almost made it seem as if they were doing a favor for the American people, by cutting their vacation short to nail out this deal. “Hello, this deal should have been taken care of a lot sooner.”  Besides most Americans do not get anything close to the vacation that politicians endure, most of us have only one to two days off for the holidays and we’re back to work. 


Now that I think about it, it would be great if we had a law that placed limitations to hours employers can have employees working during the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.  Some companies are compassionate and care about their employees having time spent with families, others are so money hungry they can care less, yet you won’t see any of the big wigs working on the holidays.


There is buzz that the deal reached by both parties in Congress is short-termed as other details are expected to be nailed out in the coming weeks.  I guess the American public is still on a careful watch to make sure that nothing between the parties falls to the cracks.  Even as the New Year begins its still appears to be the same ole antics being played by Congress.

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