Point of View
Flashy Vs. Subtlety
By Trevor Roberts
Apr 13, 2013 - 7:57:11 AM

UNITED STATES—If you truly think about it, as a culture much has not changed in the centuries since we’ve existed.  There are two types of people in this world: those that are flashy and those who are more subtle.  If you got it why not flaunt it, if you don’t have it so what?  That’s a common dilemma we have to face. 


It’s particularly a big issue for children in my opinion, as kids can be quite cruel. Those who do not have can sometimes be the butt of massive jokes which is a travesty.  The problem is those kids that do have the fancy items have no trouble throwing it in other people’s faces. 


So what’s the problem?  We create a sub-culture where people are constantly trying to keep up with others.  By having that flashy item you become a part of that elite group.  Then again, being overly flashy can be a massive problem.  You can come across to people as conceited and unaware that not everyone can live in the luxury that they do.  It’s also important to know that being overly flashy can attract bad things your way. 

Is it better to be flashy or subtle?


If someone notices something that you have that they perhaps want, you can become the target of a crime.  Celebs can get away with wearing flashy items; heck they have security around them for protection.  For the everyday person, that’s not always the case.  Venturing into the wrong place at the wrong time can turn you into a victim of a crime. This is not to argue that every celebrity engages in such debauchery, it’s those that perhaps don’t know any better.  There are some celebs who present themselves like the everyday citizen and you’d never know they have millions.  They don’t care to gloat; if anything they want to fit in just like everyone else.


Now, let’s transition our discussion to the issue of subtlety.  We’ve all been told time and time again that the best type of flattery is to not be noticed at all.  It’s difficult for some of us to grasp with that concept, but it does make sense to me.  You can be ”ňúnoticed’ without really being NOTICED.  Those who try their utmost best to be seen, end up making themselves look like a buffoon. 


You can showcase that you have class, that you’re intelligent that you have money without blatantly stating it. Not stating the obvious makes it difficult for people to read a person, more importantly you can’t judge a book by its cover. Just imagine if we lived in a nation where no one overly showcased the expensive items in their repertoire, we could all be judged equally, we wouldn’t be able to discriminate against each other based on valuables; we all have the same things. 

There has been recent buzz on Twitter in the recent week about a spoiled teen that has been tweeting pics of himself indulging in his lavish lifestyle.  He has even gloated about the all the cash that he has and how he spends the money frivolously without any cause.  I wonder if he realizes there are people in other countries that are starving. Perhaps not, he’s too busy flashing his valuables to the public to make himself feel good about himself I’m guessing.  This is just one case of an individual not taking into consideration how shallow such antics make them appear in the public sphere.  Plain and simple, the less we see the better. 

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