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Gambling To Earn Money
By Trevor Roberts
Mar 24, 2013 - 8:31:15 AM

UNITED STATES—Let’s face it, we all want money. Some of us want it a lot more than others, but why?  Well the saying goes “Money buys you happiness.”  How accurate is that claim? Of course people with money will say that it’s not true, but in all honesty who can argue otherwise. When finances are bad, the only thing that can get you out of that rut is money, and lots of it. So what’s the best way to earn cash fast? To gamble. 


Gambling is a big problem in our nation. For a vast majority of American’s, gambling takes place by playing the lottery, going to the casino, card games or online gambling. There is a big misconception, that with gambling that if you play odds you have a good chance of coming out on top, but I don’t believe that. They psychosis of continuing to take your chances are actually working against you. The prime example of this is the slot machine. 


Time and time again I hear people say, “I know it. This one is going to hit. I can feel it.” Well three hours later and hundreds of dollars gone, that machine still hasn’t hit. All of those books and superstitions about certain tactics that will help you win big are a bunch of baloney. In my personal opinion, you win big in gambling with luck. There is some higher power pulling stings for you.



If it’s not luck, than I have no idea what it could be. The problem with gambling is the fact that so many of us are so driven to earn more money, when end up spending the money that we do have. And in the end you’re worse off than you were before. I have seen people blow hundreds, thousands of dollars on gambling and have no idea that they have a problem. 


If blow your entire check in one day on gambling and not see anything wrong with that you have a problem. That’s the concern, those addicted to gambling just can’t see it; an intervention has to take place, but so many family members are afraid to do so. It’s almost a taboo subject to address because you don’t want to ostracize the addict, but at the same time you have to address the elephant in the room or the problem becomes worse.  


Bills will go unpaid, food will not be in the fridge, essential needs will be missing, and the list goes on and on. So why do we gamble, we want more of what we don’t have, but that’s the problem, you can’t have more of something if you don’t have any to begin with. There is mysticism with gambling; that hope of something great happening, but it rarely happens.  You can’t put your fate in the odds because a lot of the times the odds work against you. 


Control your fate, focus on what it is you want and strive for it, don’t theorize that a scratch off, a number, a card game, luck or a slot machine will make all your worries go away. If anything they will just create more issues for you in the long run. 

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