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Government Shutdown, A True Stalemate
By Trevor Roberts
Oct 12, 2013 - 6:12:04 AM

President Barack Obama
UNITED STATES—For those of you living under a rock, the federal government has been ”˜temporarily’ shutdown, because members of Congress cannot get their act together to come up with a compromise to please both parties.


America, I want all of you to know, members of Congress ARE STILL GETTING A PAYCHECK! While some federal workers have received furloughs and are currently waiting for this headache to ease over, they are not being compensated, yet the morons who allowed this mess to take place are still able to collect a paycheck.  Are you serious? 


This is perhaps the most unsettling news I’ve heard. A bulk of the division is the issue of the Affordable Health Care act implemented by President Obama and deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.  So members of Congress are willing to allow hard-working American citizens to suffer because they are not able to get what they want.  What type of government do we live in? It sounds like one, where the members of Congress who represent the public continue to forget it’s not about what is best for YOU, it’s about the people.


It has been more than a week, and this government shutdown in my opinion is likely to go on for weeks, even months.  The republicans have no intentions of budging and neither do the democrats.  They are hell bent on making sure their ”˜point’ is made clear to the other side.  While all of this is transpiring they seem to forget there are innocent civilians in the middle of this idiotic standoff that are suffering because of it.  It was revealed on Tuesday, October 8, that furloughed federal workers would be allowed to return to their jobs. I question whether they’ll be receiving a paycheck though. 


I guess time would tell, but I would not be working a job without a consistent paycheck coming in.  In today’s economy, which is always on an up and down elevator, consistency is key to building up a consumer market that has been on the comeuppance since the Bush Administration.  The fall of Wall Street in 2008 and the auto market literally kept this nation at the mercy of its feet and we’ve been clamoring since then to get back to where we need to be.


What I find most disheartening is that no one in Congress is willing to standup and acknowledge the fact that this behavior is not tolerable.  Someone needs to take some accountability, but no, everyone continues to walk around and point fingers and act as if they’re not at fault for anything that is transpiring in Washington D.C.  Yes, you should be canceling any public appearances or any vacations you had planned because this is an issue of ensuring that America is viable enough to continue to pay its bills and provide the services every single tax-payer in America expects of its government and its officials.


I am almost certain a major tide will turn in the upcoming election that will send a clear message to both parties. Americans are tired of the games that are continually being played; get it together or we’ll place people in office who will.

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