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Hypocrisy Of Going To Church
By Trevor Roberts
Aug 11, 2013 - 5:42:42 AM

UNITED STATES—We live in a world of believers and non-believers.  I know so many people who diligently go to church each week.  This is not to throw stones to those people who attend Church; it’s to address those who attend church with another end goal in mind. 


The place of God is a place to build a connection, to congregate with others, but all is not as it appears in the churchgoing environment.  To be a Christian, a Catholic, a Baptist, a Methodist, a Lutheran or whatever religion a person practices is a special bond, but do people truly believe attending church is their gateway into heaven?

The issue of attending church is a touchy one for people.


Why do I ask that question?  I know so many people who attend church religiously, yet they are some of the ugliest souls in the world.  They smile to your face, but when your back is facing towards them a slew of expletives and bad words not fit for this story is targeted at you.  Do people not see that the almighty sees all?  That in his place of worship bad behavior is seen as well.  So many people go to church with a purpose other than praising a higher authority, gossip being one of them.


The older generation can be a petty one to say the least.  A lot of older women hold grudges that can cut through air.  For the hour or two that they spend during Sunday service has no bearing on the other six days during the week where they negate all the wrong they should not be doing. All the time, they’re preaching to you the things that you’re doing wrong, without acknowledging the bad that they’ve committed.


There is quite a bit of scandal in the church arena also. A lot of people get into the industry because of the amount of money that can be made versus actually doing God’s work.  Those who work in the industry do not have to pay taxes to the government because of the separation of church/state laws.  I know I was dumbfounded when I learned this in my American Constitutional Law class.  They get an out, but everyone else still has to fork over pennies to the government, just doesn’t seem fair in my eyes. 


It’s a money grab, and it’s so unfortunate because we see it, but no one ever acknowledges it. Pastors should not abuse those members who give tithes in good faith for the church to prosper and grow in the long run. They should understand the deception to the church community is a heinous crime, but to commit such acts, without acknowledging the wrongdoing is even worse. 


I guess in my opinion, those who go to church do so because they ”Ëśwant’ to, not because they feel obliged to do so for some end result that they never quite explain.  It’s important to remember to practice what you preach, because if not in the end you are the biggest hypocrite of them all.

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