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Invasion Of Privacy
By Trevor Roberts
Dec 6, 2012 - 6:47:03 PM

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UNITED STATES—A text can be worth a thousand words.  It sounds odd to hear it, but what you write can mean something else.  The government could be in the works of keeping those texts that you send to friends, family, significant others and many more.  This is fueling people across the nation who are increasingly concerned about the invasion of privacy by the government. 


It appears more and more that the government is attempting to invade every single arena of our public life.  Back in the early 1900s, the government wanted to take control of what went on in the bedroom, thankfully that was later shot down, but I have a feeling that is where we are headed next.


The biggest argument for the government to maintain text messages from consumers is for future purposes in case a crime is committed.  Currently AT&T keeps text messages for two days, Verizon for five days and Sprint for 12 days, but if legislation is passed those texts will be kept for up to two years.  My argument has always been to never send a text of anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. 


Its almost like saying texting is only convenient if you are unable to speak at the moment.  But in this generation, people are more inclined to text versus speaking on the phone, perhaps we don’t even want to talk to people anymore. I can understand the government’s reasoning for wanting to keep those texts, but it truly is an invasion of privacy.  The government is already attempting to regulate what we eat.  Yes, there are a lot of unhealthy things out there, but that is up to the consumer’s decision to decide what they eat and do not eat.  If the government is so concerned with what we’re eating then make the food that is deemed healthy more affordable for the consumer. 


With this recent insurgence of news about texts that some of believe to be private perhaps getting into the hands of authorities, I have no idea what is private anymore.  Before you know it the government will be regulating the type of car that we drive, the homes that we live in, the clothes that we wear, where we can eat and who we can date.  We will no longer be a democracy we will become a dictatorship and trust me that is something that Americans will not allow to happen.  Sorry government, hands off my texts, but also be wary consumers; don’t send something in a text that you would not want anyone else to see or know about.

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