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Is Another Economic Disaster Looming?
By Trevor Roberts
Oct 6, 2013 - 3:16:26 AM

President Barack Obama
UNITED STATES—It appears three to four times a year, there is a discussion about a government shut down.  And to be honest I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.  Do politicians have any idea what type of detrimental impact a government shutdown could have on the economy? Are they aware of the repercussions beyond the fact that they would appease their arrogant egos which appear to be more important than the American people?


The answer to that question is NO. To hear that a congressman decided to give one of the longest speeches possible to send a clear message to President Obama and the rest of Congress about his opinion on the issue at hand is beyond frustrating. I thought Congress was comprised of adults, not children, but it appears there are more childlike games taking place at the nation’s capital than anything.


So many things are looming with the risk of another government shutdown. Federal employees will be halted paychecks, military personnel will suffer, certain services will be halted; are the ”˜so-called’ politicians who are placed in power to represent aware of this? I wonder if their paychecks are being halted. I seriously doubt that assertion because if it were to happen they wouldn’t be so quick to allow a government shut down to take place. 


I know I can’t be the only American that feels this way.  Enough is enough, and as citizens of this great nation, we need to let our voices be heard. We are tired of politicians making loads of money to sit on their fat butts doing absolutely nothing, but bicker back and forth on who is right and who is wrong. I think at this point republicans and democrats alike in America are done with both parties.


They have no idea what the world ”˜compromise’ means. It means to reach common ground on an issue that appeases both parties.  Stop thinking about what is personally best for you as a politician; think about what is best for the entire nation.  Politicians are overtly selfish in my opinion; it’s all about me, me and me.  What about everyone else? 


If those idiots at the nation’s capitol do not realize how much of an impact this looming economic disaster can have on the American people, I don’t know what will. Time and time again, it’s a game to them.  I almost feel like these threats are made to make media outlets go crazy with speculation and cause frenzy on Americans and to increase ratings. 


Let it be crystal clear, Congress I have had enough of the silly games that you play.  You claim to be adults, yet you continue to act like children, grow up and get the job done or the American people will replace you with someone who can complete the task at hand.

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