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Is The Crisis Over?
By Trevor Roberts
May 31, 2014 - 6:02:45 AM

When will the more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls be returned home?
UNITED STATES—It’s been a little over six weeks since news about the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls rippled across the nation. This week new information came to light that the location of where the girls are being held captive may be known to the Nigerian government.


So the question likely on everyone’ mind is, “What is being done to bring these young women back to their families who have endured unspeakable horrors since their disappearance?” Well at the moment nothing. Yep, that’s right no precise method of action has been taken out of fear that Boka Haram and his militants may resort to physical action if the government does not adhere to their demands.


It’s a troubling situation on one hand. Those on the outside looking in would likely take action to bring the ladies home. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the levels of violence and retaliation planned in many third-world countries. They don’t necessary live by the American code of life; things there and things here are completely different.


But I have heard countless echoes of sentiment from residents in Nigeria who are asking for their government to be more proactive, to implement more matters to safely bring the girls home before its too late. That’s my fear. With each hour, each day, each week, each month that transpires, we have no idea of the horrors that these girls have already experienced.


The trauma along of being kidnapped and ripped from one’s family is enough to place most people in turmoil. With the captors demanding release of their cohorts, one has no idea of the conspiracy or plans that may have been implemented to send a message to the government. When demands are not met, “terrorists” as I would call the individuals in this case, will resort to unspeakable forms of violence; which is way too much for me to stomach, let alone think about.


My biggest concern is why the Nigerian government is so hesitant to take assistance from the U.S. government and other militant forces who are all working towards one cause: safely bringing the girls home to their families. I mean we have the resources, as do several other countries to take action and avert this crisis before something transpires that can’t be taken back.


I guess in the game of politics, each country, each state, each person reacts different to how to diffuse a crisis that is brewing. Do we react or do we not react? It’s become a waiting game, and for so many people watching not just those in Nigeria, but around the world, we want to see something transpire. At this point, if the Nigerian government has indeed located where the missing girls are being held, why aren’t steps being taken to bring them home? We’ve waited long enough, now its time to take action.

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