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Judging Others
By Trevor Roberts
Dec 28, 2012 - 2:15:27 PM

UNITED STATES—There’s a bit of an epidemic going around. For some unknown reason, we as a society think we are entitled to the right to judge others.  Why is it that we believe that we can magnify our opinions or thoughts onto others?  I know the answer it’s that pesky little thing we call the First Amendment. The ability for American’s to speak their minds and voice their opinions is reaching an all-time high.

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Its one thing to voice your concern about a particular issue in our country, but its an entirely different concept to take jabs at people for the sake of making yourself feel better.  I mean really, think about it.  Why do people judge others?  It’s usually to compensate for some inferiority that they embody in themselves.  Perhaps it’s the way they look, lack of self-esteem, social status or some other inanimate ability that makes no sense when we think about it.


I constantly tell people time and time again, if you’re going to dish it, be sure that you’re ready to take it when it’s thrown back at you.  The world can be a harsh place especially when the cold hard truth is delivered to the unsuspecting party.  Before you begin to critique someone else’s faults, take a good look in the mirror and acknowledge your faults.  No one is perfect we all have flaws; some of us more than others.  Those individuals who judge frequently can’t take a harsh criticism if it was given to them on one of their good days. 


There is only one person that has the right to judge people and that higher power is God.  We as human beings should not be so quick to throw stones at a glass house.  Remember if you throw the first stone in due time someone will eventually throw the stone back at you.  The irony in that situation is you may not want to hear what is being said, and that’s because it’s the truth, which hurts more than anything else.

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