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Junk Mail Postal Vs. Email
By LaDale Anderson
Nov 23, 2012 - 7:53:20 AM

UNITED STATES—Why oh why do people think it’s okay to overload someone’s email account with a bunch of junk mail? Yes, I’m addressing an issue that I know so many other people including myself suffer from daily.  I cannot explain on a daily basis that I receive over 20-25 emails that are absolutely unrelated to anything of importance to my job. How in the world did these people get my email to begin with? The worse situation is once you give out your email to someone, it’s like you’ve given away a piece of yourself that you can never get back.


They have your email address; they can hound and hassle you all they want and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. Well there is one thing, you can change your email address, but who has the time to remember a new username after using the same one for years. It’s too much of a hassle to deal with that headache. My biggest gripe is what gratification people get from sending relentless emails to someone’s account. They should be well aware the person is educated enough to not open any emails or links from people they do not know. 


Over three weeks ago I received continual emails from some stranger and after reporting spam for the emails they kept coming. I was so pissed because they were flooding my email account and this idiot seemed to think it was funny. After sending an email to indicate if you email me again I am contacting authorities the emails stopped. People do not seem to like to hear that, but so be it. Email someone who wants to receive your stupid requests, besides I don’t even know you! 


That’s the problem with signing up for accounts with distinct websites or companies, they promise to never divulge or share your information, but we all know they secretly do it. The bad thing is before you know it when only a handful of people should have your email that transforms to thousands of people making it difficult to control the influx of emails you receive on a daily basis.


Junk mail is not just limited to email, but it also applies to postal mail. I cannot fathom how many requests I get for a new credit card each week.  I said no last week, last month, last year, five years ago, stop bugging please! These companies don’t get it; we already have enough on our plate just sorting through the mail that is important, now we have to sift through a bunch of things that have no impact on our already busy lives? 


One thing that I noticed the same junk mail comes all the time on the same day, but when you’re expecting something in the mail of importance like a check, it never comes when you expect it to. Why is that? I’ve never heard someone say my credit card bill is late arriving in the mail today, because it never happens, but that junk mail you can always count on.  The message to all those people with nothing better to do today, your junk mail is not warranted by me from email or postal mail so please, please stop sending it!

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