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Keeping Up With The Latest Gadgets
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 9, 2013 - 8:45:19 PM

UNITED STATES—When it comes to technology everyone wants to have the latest gadget.  Anyone still vying to get their hands on the iPhone 5?  When news was released about that phone it was all people could talk about, but guess what rumor has it the iPhone 6 is expected in the near future, so it looks like some will need an upgrade also.

Constantly upgrading gadgets can lead to a surplus of obsolete devices (Credit: Robert L. Meyers/ Canyon News


Its seems like tech guru’s love the idea of forcing the consumers to spend more and more of their hard-earned income to have the most up-to-date device there is.  I have a great idea, how about for those who have an older model of a newly revamped gadget getting the opportunity to upgrade their device for the newest piece of technology.  So this way a huge amount of cash (which most of us do not have) isn’t wasted on a gadget that pretty much does what the last one does, it just has a better name. 


Its like cell phones, people have this unbelievable thought that you should have the latest when it comes to mobile devices, but who really cares.  For starters the Internet on your phone is not a great device; you can barely see what you’re viewing and that strain I’m sure has an impact on your eyesight.  Next, unless you’re someone constantly on the go and you use the Internet to complete your job, there’s no need for it on your phone. 

I’m completely fine sticking with my handy laptop: bigger screen, bigger keyboard, more amenities at my finger tips.  Can you print something from your cell phone?  I think not, so until that happens, and I can write papers on a phone, I’ll never upgrade to the recent craze.  The same applies for movies.  The digital video disc (DVD) is pretty much non-existent.  The new craze is the blu-ray disc; so more and more households are being equipped with the device.  There’s just one problem the new craze is a 3D blu-ray disc.  Which is quite costly, well not really?


A player runs around $150, but it’s the TV that costs the big money.  You’ll spend anywhere from $700-$3000 for a 3D television which is required to watch 3D movies.  Those movies are quite pricey ranging from about $30-$50.  Did I forget to mention you also have to purchase 3D glasses to watch those movies?  The price of a pair of glasses all depends on the TV that you purchase.  Nowadays you can get a pair of glasses for about $20 for a LG 3D television, but if you have a Panasonic 3D television, you’ll be forking out about $100 for just one pair of glasses.  When you look at things 3D is pretty pricey.


The biggest problem with the constant influx of new technology is that it creates a social class system.  Those with the gadgets are at the top of the chain, those without are at the bottom.  The sad issue is everyone wants to belong to the exclusive circle. We want to be apart of the cooler room conversation and if we don’t have the latest gadget people diminish you to a degree. A way to prevent this from happening is to make the prices of those gadgets affordable to everyone and to stop releasing new technology for the same gadget every so many weeks, give it some time before something new is launched.

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