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Money Woes
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 20, 2013 - 3:58:52 PM

UNITED STATES—Does money grow on trees?  It’s a phrase we’ve heard time and time again from our parents, but some people just do not get it.  Money does not grow on trees, but I sometimes feel like the bank of America.  Whenever someone needs money I’m the first person they come to and I have no idea why? It must be because of the fact that I have both a checking and savings account or perhaps the fact that I work multiple jobs.  People just assume money sits laying around in my pocket, but its not so.

Cash Money (credit: @YoungLordNaad1 /Twitter)


I’m doing my best to keep as much cash on reserve as possible; cause let’s face it this economy is unpredictable. You’re rich one day, flat broke the next.  Let’s not forget that bills will always be apart of our lives until we die, and it’s not like these greedy corporate chains are dropping the rates they charge for their services. If anything those rates continue to increase, while the service that is provided sucks.    


Maybe I should put a lid on my mouth so people are not aware of what I have.  More importantly I have to learn how to say the word no.  It’s hard for me though, when you’re talking about family you may throw a fit at first, but I always seem to cave into pressure.  I think they know that, which explains why they continue to do it.  Perhaps I should stop being so frivolous with my cash and become more dramatic; just buy for the sake of buying that way when someone wants they can’t have.


I’ve decided starting next week I am going to pay myself back.  For every $100 I earn I plan to place $10 a way.  What that money will be used for is completely at my choosing.  It could be emergency cash, something used to by that gadget I’ve been wanting, a vacation, to pay off debt, etc.  The key is I’m going to treat myself to something that I want.  I wonder what people would do if money grew on trees? Heck most people’s trees would be bare in the first day!  We are always buying something that we should not be buying. 

The biggest gripe I have about my financial situation is that some people just don’t get it.  Sometimes it would be nice to go a single week without someone calling, texting or asking me for money.  It would put my mind at ease, knowing I could spend my disposable income on something I want, versus wondering if someone I know is going to need cash.  It’s a psychological trauma that goes back and forth that stresses me out. 


Maybe if I disappeared for a week for a vacation, people would come up with a way to solve their problems. I know I sound a bit like a complainer, but I need to take a stand.  Its okay for me to say no, even to family members who may be in need and continue to use me as a crutch; at some point they’ll have to figure things out on their own, just as most of us do.

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