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Office Politics
By Trevor Roberts
Dec 20, 2012 - 7:48:20 PM

UNITED STATES—Going to work everyday is something that many of us despise. For some of us the thought of going to a dead-end job gives us a brain freeze.  For some of us, its having to deal with the boss from hell, but for most of us it’s the issue of office politics that gets the best of us. 


Just exactly what is office politics?  It’s a game that is played throughout many companies.  The person on top creates an elite circle where people get the opportunity to behave like morons because the manager allows them to do so.  I cannot discuss how many times I’ve heard stories about people who work their tails off at a 9-5, just to see others sit around and do absolutely nothing and get away with it.  Its not that we want to tattle on the other person, it’s because we’re sweating, drained of energy and the person beside us has barely broken a sweat.

Office politics is a part of corporate America.


I have a friend who has disclosed some stories for me about the antics that goes on at their workplace.  Management is a laughable mess.  All they do is follow each other around like lapdogs all day.  I thought the purpose of management was to lead, not to follow.  More importantly what example are you setting for the rest of your employees when each time they look they see you doing absolutely nothing.  You’re telling them, when you become manager you get to do what I do, nothing! 


The nail doesn’t stop with management, as they bring in their inner circle who is just as bad.  My friend indicated in particular how two co-workers deserve Academy Awards for butt kissing.  They do it better than anyone else.  If management asks them to do something, not for a second do they hesitate to do so.  On top of that, to see them flaunt their laziness is that much more frustrating. 


I feel for my friend because in so many ways he wants to say a few expletives to the company, and they’ll have that moment of glory.  Their time at the company is coming to an end, not at the company’s hands, but theirs.   A person can only take so much before they realize they deserve more.   I understand why so many people enjoy the idea of being able to work from home; no office politics.  On top of that, you don’t have to deal with those pesky co-workers who you can’t stand. Some people are just mean spirited and ugly people. 


They have no idea just how nasty they are until someone calls them out.  If you’re going to quit your job be sure that you tell off that employee or manager who makes your skin boil.  It’s not about burning your bridges if you have no plans to use them as a reference.  The goal is not to make yourself look like a fool, it’s to make the other person realize just how bad of a person they really are; embarrass them.


Office politics takes place all the time in corporate America.  This is not to say that it happens at every single company because that’s not the case. There are some employers who do indeed base people’s advancement on their performance and not who they are buddies with.  It’s something we need to see more in the job arena, but until then it seems office politics are continuing to become an ongoing issue in the workplace. The unfortunate side effect is good employees are lost, at the hands of those who do little to nothing.

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