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Paparazzi Nightmare
By Trevor Roberts
Aug 18, 2013 - 4:58:19 AM

Halle Berry
UNITED STATES—The paparazzi are a fiendish group of people to say the least.  I argue time and time again that as a celebrity, this is something that comes with the territory.  However, there has to be a breaking point on how far these photogs will go to grab a picture.  That line is drawn when children are involved. 


This week actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified in hopes of passing a bill that will protect celebs and children from the over-the-top antics of the paparazzi. Just hearing Garner share her tale of a photographer camping out at her daughter’s school and making threats to commit violent acts was horrendous.  Its one thing to stalk a celebrity, but to stalk their child is downright despicable. 


The line has to be drawn somewhere and this is the case.  I mean at the end of the day it’s just a picture of a damn celebrity, what is all the hoopla for.  These media outlets that make their fortunes on pictures of celebrities is quite sickening to say the least.  It’s one thing if it’s newsworthy, but just to get a photo to sell to make money; I mean what is our society coming to?


Berry shared tales of how her daughter is afraid to go to school because of the paparazzi, this is a big deal.  No child should be deprived of an education because some fame seeking photographer is hell bent on getting a photo.  More importantly the paparazzi should have some sort of code ethics where kids, kids’ schools or anything that involves a celebrity with their child is off limits.


Remember the child did not sign up to be in the spotlight, they have no idea of the notion of fame; as a member of the paparazzi sub-culture, and it would be nice to see photogs say, “I see that you’re with your family.  I respect that, so out of respect for you and your child, I will not take any photos.”  If that was to ever happen I think celebrities would have an esteem amount of respect for those willing to say a line has to be drawn somewhere. 


I fear the day where a photog chases a celeb that may be with their child and some horrific accident takes place.  I fear it so much because of a scared child venturing away from their parent to escape and perhaps running into the street into oncoming traffic.  As journalists, we report the news; the paparazzi take pictures that can say a thousand words.  So imagine you see a photo where a celebrity is comforting their child who is crying hysterically and blocking their face from the photographer.  What does that picture say?  I’ll tell you, it’s saying that the photographer is affecting the child’s psyche; they are afraid of something. 


As a member of the paparazzi sub-culture, if that picture does not raise an issue of concern than you are a soulless human being.  I get people have to earn a living, but if your earning a living is at the cost of someone’s misery how in the world can you live with yourself. If an anti-paparazzi bill is passed which is my hope; it will create barriers on what can and cannot be done.  Unfortunately, it’s a bill that I think will have an uphill battle, but I must commend actresses Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and countless others who are doing their best to shield their children from such an ugly culture.

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