Point of View
Party Affiliation
By LaDale Anderson
Oct 19, 2012 - 5:40:32 PM

UNITED STATES—Time and time again I get asked the same question. Which political parties are you aligned with?  My answer to that question is always the same, “You’ll never know.”  More importantly, why does it even matter? We live in a world where we all want the same things, yet we constantly divide ourselves into groups to make one appear better than the other.  To this day, it irritates me to know that we have this hierarchy when it comes to politics, and for what reason?


If you’re not for this particular issue you must be a Republican.  If you’re not fighting this cause you must be a Democrat.  If you’re not for either of those you must be an Independent.  How about we’re all Americans?  It's a fact that most of us want to have a career where we’re doing something we love and we get paid for it.  We want to raise a family in a safe environment and not have to worry about crime or losing our home. 


We are more alike than we are different; it just seems we like the idea of being able to point out faults in others. The worse thing about this conversation is that when it comes to politics, people are just downright nasty. It’s an argument where no side is victorious over the other.  What makes matters worse is the way that we treat each other on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Hate is an understatement compared to the things people say and do. 



It’s like some fail to morally look at themselves and ask the question, “Is what I’m doing okay?” Of course it's not; I hope in the near future we can come to a common ground and perhaps eliminate party affiliation when it comes to politics.  Will that make things better?  Maybe, maybe not as someone will eventually come up with a new party?  When it comes to politics there is no winning.  Even talking with family members can turn into a full-blown argument or fight, and these are people we like.  


So my advice to all when it comes to politics is to keep it out of the workplace, keep it out of family gatherings; it's only best to discuss when you’re around those that have similar ideas as you. It’s unfortunate that we can’t have a conversation on this issue without people’s blood pressure fuming, but politics is like religion. It’s an argument that you will never win no matter how hard you try to make your point clear to the opposite side. Your opinion is yours and their opinion belongs to them.

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