Point of View
Picking A Side
By Trevor Roberts
Jul 12, 2013 - 6:43:51 PM

President Barack Obama
UNITED STATES—When it comes to politics there will never be a clear victor; it’s a subject where fights and arguments can reach all-time highs between people.  I had an in-depth conversation with someone the other day discussing the issue surrounding politics.  You are either Democratic or Republican.  Yes, we have those who consider themselves Independent, but let’s be honest, no such thing exists. You fall to one party in some sort of fashion.


How do I know?  Think about the ideals.  Democrats tend to have a perceptive way of thinking, similar to that of those of Republicans.  Unfortunately, it’s the concept of groupthink.  As much as we embrace diversity and being different, in politics there is only two and we’ve allowed it.  From the dawn of time, the ideal of being a Republican or Democrat has been splattered to the American public’s mindset.  When was the last time you recall someone uttering the term Independent or Green Party? Yeah, its not commonly heard. The same applies for the Tea Party; they’re Republicans, but a more vicious type compared to how the media has betrayed them.


Even those of us who are so fed up with politics we argue the ideal of never ever voting again, we tend to go back to our roots.  I would say most people’s political affiliation is shaped by their family, particularly their parents.  Rarely do you see parents and their children have different political parties, but it does indeed happen. Some children are able to develop their own voice, their own opinion based on how they think and feel versus what someone is forcing them to feel. 


This has been dawned by a phone call that I received from some organization attempting to recruit members to a particular party.  It was a call that almost came across as an organization building a cult or spewing a list of hateful things about another group.  You don’t win someone over with hate; when will we learn that as a nation.  Present facts, a compelling argument and then perhaps we can chat. 


No one agrees to a deal if they have the slightest bit of doubt; those capable of rational thinking anyway.  The political arena is no different, but we have one problem standing in the way: the media.  There are radio stations, television stations, publications, sites, etc. dedicated to pro-Republican causes or pro-Democratic causes. The idea of only two parties are constantly smacked into our faces no matter how much we attempt to escape them. 


As individuals we may not be fully committed to one party, but we do indeed have similarities that connect us to that party.  At times, we might be a little Republican and Democratic, so we are these political titans scouring for the jugular all the time? We have much more in common than differences, but the one goal we must continue to highlight is the pursuit of happiness for all and the importance of implementing equality no matter what party you choose to affiliate yourself with.

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