Point of View
Political Overload
By LaDale Anderson
Nov 1, 2012 - 7:18:48 PM

UNITED STATES—I am pretty sure that I’m not the only person who will be happy once November 6 comes and goes.  Not because I’m not happy about getting my opportunity to have my voice heard at the polls, but because it means the end of political advertisements.  I cannot explain in the recent month how many television ads I have seen for particular proposals or candidates.  It’s so disheartening because as a viewer, you have no idea how to think. 


The goal of the ad is not to educate the individual on what the proposal stands for, it’s to force the viewer to think a specific way.   I am absolutely 100% sure that I have yet to see an ad that hasn’t had a negative impact on the viewer.  The unfortunate side-effect is that you have no clear way of knowing what candidate or proposal is best for you.  Repeated exposure to the same proposal or candidate is exhausting for the viewer; it almost explains why so many of us turn to cable television.  With premium channels, commercials come a dime a dozen and rarely do you see any politics thrown at your face.


Just watching television this week I recall watching an entire group of political ads during a commercial break for one of my favorite TV shows.  I became so frustrated I changed the station, and low and behold more political ads showed up.  There is no escape; no matter how hard I try, but maybe that’s the point.  The more exposure to the candidate or the proposal, the more likely the viewer is inclined to vote this way or that way. 


Will there ever be a day where as Americans we can go through an election and not see such nasty ads or vicious attacks on candidates?   Better yet, how about the truth behind particular proposals being revealed to the public instead of concealing things. It’s hard to decipher the truth with so much uncertainty floating in the air.  It would be nice to experience an election where as a voter I’m allowed to read the proposals written in a clear language that does not confuse the individual. I get the opportunity to hear candidates voice their solutions to a particular problem that is plaguing a community, a city or state. 


The choice that I make is purely my decision; I’m not influenced by outside sources all hoping to gain something by making us think a particular way.  This is my hope for the next presidential election taking place in 2016.  Of course, there will be more elections in the coming years. However, it appears that as Americans the momentum to vote increases when the presidency is at stake.  So tell me America are you tired of the constant political ads on television?

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