Point of View
Politics Is A Business
By Trevor Roberts
Dec 7, 2012 - 3:46:39 PM

UNITED STATES—Who in the world wants to be a politician?  Truly think about that question for a moment.  As Americans, we head to the polls to vote for candidates who we believe will do the best to represent our city, state or nation, but do they really do what we expect them to do.  Politics is a business; its all about you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  I would argue only a mere 45% of politicians actually care about the people that elected them into office, the others, it’s all about me.



What do I want, how can I get it and who do I have to please to make sure that happens?  Hollywood is known for tackling politics in cinema, but I’d love to see one picture that really investigates the relationship between the politician and the people.  How a shady politician falls from glory, not at the hands of a scandal, but from the people demanding more from the politician who was placed into office.  If you said you were going to keep the street lights flickering throughout the night, make it happen.  More police to patrol the streets make it happen, lower insurance rates and lower taxes, make it happen. 

We as a nation have become so lazy about forcing our elected officials to be held accountable for their actions. Some think the everyday citizen won’t call them out, but I think it’s an issue we should begin to take a closer look at.  If elected officials are placed into the hot seat more often for not doing what is expected of them, they will see politics is not about BUSINESS, it’s about the PEOPLE.  We elected you in office and we expect you to do what is best for the people, not what one particular individual wants you to do in the best interest of themselves.  

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