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President Speaks, Did You Listen?
Posted by Trevor Roberts on Feb 1, 2014 - 5:08:54 AM

UNITED STATES—President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union Address on Tuesday to discuss a bevy of issues with the American public. While so many people tuned out to watching the president speak, I couldn’t help, but listen to what our Commander in Chief had to say.  His hour long speech discussed a slew of topics including education, employment and health care. He shared stories of everyday American’s doing their part to help others and the economy to grow. To see members of Congress, give a standing ovation to the end of the war as declared by the president was a resounding statement in my opinion on the government’s attempt to show a unified front to the American public. Let’s just say its something that is rarely seen from political titans in the limelight.


Perhaps one of the biggest pinpoints was the elimination of middle class jobs that have taken fatal blows on the everyday American and the issue of living on a payable wage. I could not be more thrilled with the president’s attempt to tackle this issue that so many people find important. Earning a living wage when businesses are earning billions of dollars each year is only a sign in my opinion to further expand the economy. He made it vehemently clear that he would use his executive powers when needed to advance issues of importance to him, and I think that will give members of Congress a kick in the butt to not focus solely on their own personal agenda.


I however found it a bit pointless for those in the room to continue to give standing ovations, just to give a standing ovation. This is seen time and time again whenever a mayor, a governor or the president addresses the people. His discussion about innovation and being ahead of the global economy touched quite a few cords with members of Congress and the American public. The ability to stay ahead of other countries could be a decisive factor in helping to strengthen the American economy. His tenacity to discuss sustainable energy for the nation and our children struck quite a few cords with me. It’s indeed important to say the least.

President Barack Obama.


President Obama’s tactic of using everyday people to connect with the American public works on so many levels, as he focused on expanding the economy was a tale of encouragement. His discussion about the auto industry and how Detroit is bouncing back from a dire time was uplifting. He also talked about restoring unemployment insurance to those who are having a difficult time because of job elimination.  His story about a woman who worked most of her life even as a teenager, to find her job eliminated and relying on unemployment when she needed it most was a sign that many Americans are in similar situations. We connect with stories of this magnitude. Perhaps, the biggest heart-tugger was the dedication he made to a serviceman who has injured beyond belief while serving his country, and has been slowly recovering.


A lot of discussion was situated around immigration reform. The focus to better the current situation surrounding the issue has been quite decisive for so many Americans and politicians. I was so happy to hear the president discuss issues involving capping student loans to only 10 percent of a person’s income and how to make college more affordable to achieve higher education. Come on, it’s a public university and if I’m paying taxes that are used to go to that university I should have that opportunity to attend that school. No excuse. The issue of equality of pay between men and women struck a cord with many members also, in this day in age, there should not be a reason why woman are not earning the same wage, as a men for doing the absolute same work.


One of the big topics discussed is the issue surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act. The program has been a complete fiasco since launching. Not only has there been confusion about the variety of health care plans, but at the same time issues involving the network system breaking down. President Obama is really good at directing his focus on issues that will resonate with specific demographics. His speech was directly targeted to all American’s not one specific group. The issue surrounding poverty is something that we have yet to grapple with.


Increasing the minimum wage does boost the morale of employees, it truly is a point that many employers fail to realize.  Workers want to be appreciated, and by raising pay for a higher wage. His request for at least $10.00 an hour is something that is attainable, I’m not sure if that will happen overnight. He asked members of Congress to step up to the plate to help increase the minimum wage to a point where the poverty level could be eliminated.


President Obama discussed many things on his agenda during his State of the Union Address, the big question is how much of his agenda will actually get accomplished in the next two years. The American public will just have to wait and see.


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.