Point of View
Print Media Vs. Online Media
By Trevor Roberts
Oct 11, 2013 - 7:10:51 PM

UNITED STATES—For the past 10 years there has been this ongoing debate that print media is dead, and online media has taken over. I will admit, as a culture we have transitioned to turning to the Internet more and more to get our daily dose of what takes place in pop culture.  However, there is this decisive issue with online media: How can we trust what is online to be truthful?  Nowadays, it’s more of a goal to be the first to break a story versus reporting all the facts of the story.  Why put out an incomplete piece for the reader to decipher, when you can go back to the good ole’ days of gathering all the facts and information and then releasing the piece to the public to consume.  It’s understandable in some cases, the entire story is not known in the early stages and things are unveiled as time progresses.  Unfortunately in our culture, we want it now and we want it fast.



So what’s the big deterrence with online media?  Well it’s expensive to say the least.  Yeah, you might have your phone or a tablet device that you use to consume online content, but how much did you pay for that device? How would you feel if that device got damaged or better yet there was a technology glitch?  Computers freeze up and malfunction all the time, even more frustrating are the countless ads and pop-ups we have to endure on various websites that we visit.


There is one important thing to note: with print you really don’t have to worry too much about those things. For starters, you have the ability to take a paper thin object almost anywhere you go.  With tablets you can take them various places, but some places they are prohibited, like attending jury duty anyone.  No devices are allowed! This is where the newspaper or a magazine becomes a suitable exception. 


Its lightweight and it provides a direct connection in my opinion.  There is nothing like being able to sit at the table with a cup of juice (sorry not a coffee drinker) and reading the daily, weekly or monthly newspaper.  I for a fact have been an avid subscriber to Entertainment Weekly since I was a teenager, and I probably will be until I die.  I love anticipating getting my weekly magazine with everything celeb filled; there is a connection with print media that you just don’t get with the online world.


The online media is all about having it ”Ëśright now’ and a ton of people fail to realize there are massive audiences that do not have access to Internet.  Sorry to point this out to all the publishing arenas, not everyone has the Internet; it’s not something that is affordable in some regards. It can be quite costly to the average human being who is just making ends meet.  On top of that, there are audiences out there who are not fans of the Internet, never have been and never will be. Print media is their way of consuming the news and they will continue to do that.


Online media is here to stay, but it's important to point out that print media is still here. It is something that has been around for centuries and it's not going anywhere.

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