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Retirement Crisis
By Trevor Roberts
Feb 16, 2013 - 7:00:35 AM

UNITED STATES—People say they’ll rest when they’re dead, I on the other hand say retirement is indeed something I’m looking forward to.  Unfortunately, an epidemic is occurring in our nation as it appears most people are barely getting the opportunity to enjoy those retirement years as they are still employed.  I know a person who has worked at a company for over 40 years and she is not able to retire as she does not have the age to do so without being penalized.  What! Are you kidding me? 

I personally believe anyone who has put at least 30 years in any company, regardless of your age you should have the right to retire.  I mean 30 years is a long time and in my opinion most of us if we start work in our early teens would be near 50 by retirement, if this policy was placed into effect.  It would indeed give most people at least 20-25 years to enjoy life; traveling, spending time with family or whatever hobbies you indulge in.  Nowadays it seems most people are not retiring until the age of 65-75.  That means your life expectancy is already knocking on the door.  Time is of the essence and you shouldn’t want to lose it.


Why is the government so hell bent on forcing people to wait until they are 62 before they retire?  Is it because most of us will not have any social security by the time it comes for us to retire?  I would say likely.  Then it’s so much stress to make sure everything is intact by the time you prepare to say farewell to your job.  Trust me I understand the feeling as I’m preparing to bid farewell to one of my first jobs after more than 10 years with the company.  I am eagerly counting down the weeks until I bid adieu, and I’ll be honest I can’t wait to close this chapter in my life to move onto something anew and exciting.


It would be nice to see Congress implement some type of legislation that protects the workers from their employers.  Once you have put your time into a company, regardless of your age you should be given the opportunity to check out if that is your decision.  I think most people would agree with me 30 years at any company is a long time. I feel sorry for those people who have worked all of their life and don’t get the opportunity to enjoy retirement because they become ill or die at an early age, and I’ve seen this happen to a few co-workers and it’s a sad thing. All that money they have paid into social security they never get to enjoy.


Are we as a nation setting up people to fail when it comes to retirement?  Just who says people are apt to stop working at 62, I think this is a debate that we should not be afraid to open the doors to as its something that could be beneficial to a lot of people out there who are anticipating their final days of work or being forced to work another 2-5 years because they do not meet eligibility requirements.  No one should be forced to work their entire life span, once you’ve put in a certain amount of time, you should be allowed to rest.

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