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Point of View

Scandal In Sports
Posted by Trevor Roberts on Jan 23, 2013 - 3:25:26 PM

UNITED STATES—The last week has been an interesting one in the sports arena. Two scandals have the nation talking.  First came news of cyclist Lance Armstrong who admitted to talk show host Oprah Winfrey that he took performance enhancing drugs while racing in the Tour de France competitions.  Not far behind was news that rocked the nation about Notre Dame Football star Manti T’eo whose “dead girlfriend” turned out to be a hoax. 


There appears to be a trend in the sports arena where scandals are becoming much more prevalent.  The biggest gripe many Americans have with Lance Armstrong is that his success story has been one of struggle especially since overcoming his bout with cancer.  The athlete has been such an inspiration to so many people to defy the odds and to push through.  Many had suspected that Armstrong had been using performance enhancing drugs for quite some time, but he never admitted to the public until now, which has some questioning his motive. 


We all know the possibility of jail time is likely not going to happen as the statue of limitation has expired, which forces some to think it was his plan all long. What frustrates me is the fact that Armstrong had threatened to sue people over the years who claimed he had indeed been doping if they did not retract their claim.  All this time he knew the truth and for so many people to get hurt in the process for him to protect himself is an absolute shame.  It’s difficult to look at Lance Armstrong as the same person anymore because he’s blatantly lied to the public.  At this point how can we trust anything that comes out of his mouth?  The answer is we can’t. 

Lance Armstrong(left) and Manti Te'o (right)


While many Americans will continue to discuss Armstrong’s bombshell for weeks or months to come, news surfaced about college football star Manti T’eo of Notre Dame, who found himself in a bit of a scandal.  T’eo made headlines this year for his inspirational story of grappling with death involving his grandmother as well as his supposed girlfriend, Lennay Kekua.  T’eo indicated on September 11, 2012 that he had lost both his grandmother and girlfriend within 24 hours.  Kekua was apparently involved in a car crash and battling leukemia.


Once news surfaced about his dead girlfriend being a hoax, Manti admitted that he had been duped and the university backed up his claim.  The big argument everyone has is if this is someone you supposedly cared about, even loved, not once did you attempt to visit her after she was in a car accident or in her final moments.  It’s difficult to fathom someone being in love with someone without ever meeting them in person.  Trust me after countless emails and phone conversations you’d want to meet the other party, it’s a human connection; we all want it.  T’eo did indicate he was made aware of the hoax in early December, but kept the charade going as he did not know what else to do.  He sat down for an interview with Katie Couric on Thursday to discuss just what transpired.  The unfortunate reality behind this scandal is that it can have a detrimental impact on his NFL chances.  While he was predicted to be a huge pick during the NFL draft those chances are likely slim as questions about his character and integrity has been put into question. 


Lying is deceitful and hurtful to many.  It does not just impact the person who tells the lie, but all those people who tend to believe it.  The thing about telling a lie is that you tend to tell more lies to back up that lie, before you know it all those lies explode in your face and what are you left with, nothing.  Take both of these incidents as an example of the harsh consequences of telling a lie or keeping up a façade of a lie, when things explode the ripple effects are sometimes impossible to stop.


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