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Technology Will Be The Death Of Us
By LaDale Anderson
Oct 5, 2012 - 5:00:24 AM

UNITED STATES—When did we become a nation so obsessed with technology?  When was the last time you actually wrote a letter to a loved one or friend instead of texting or sending them an email?  Even I cannot argue the fact that technology is apart of my daily routine.  I cannot help, but check my email a trillion times a day worried about the fact of missing something so important, in all reality its never anything life threatening. 


We are a culture so disconnected from one another we do not even realize it.  I recently encountered a person so lazy they chose to use their cell phone to communicate with someone who was just a mere distance from them instead of taking a flight of stairs to get the answer they needed.  The odd reality is we use technology as a way of not having to communicate with people. The next time you find yourself in a huge crowd of people take a look around, see how many people are using cell phones, tablets or music devices; more than likely it’ll be 99% of the people. 


Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine all of those gadgets gone; we would be forced as a nation to interact with the people around us.  We could have meaningful conversations about something important without being distracted.  The funny thing is we use technology as a distraction; we prefer not to mingle or converse with others.  We have become so emotionally attached to our gadgets we would not be able to go 24 hours without them. 

The Ipad is a gadget on many people's must list.


Truth be told, it would make me happy to have no Internet access for 1 day; that means no stress or worries about missing something when nothing is happening to begin with.  The Internet consumes so much time of the everyday person’s life it’s unbearable.  Some spend hours on end just surfing the net; with no end in sight. Others spend entire days on Twitter and Facebook communicating back and forth with people instead of just picking up the phone and calling them.  Who cares that you’re walking right now or that you just woke up?  We rely on the Internet for our daily update on which celebrity is dating who and who has had a run-in with the law this week, unfortunately most of it isn’t always true.


We cannot forget about the television because children and adults spend hours on end glued to the couch.  I recall as a child we would spend hours outside playing, praying that our parents would not realize that we were still out getting our physical activity in for the day.  Those were the good ole days.  Now children are glued to TV sets and video games with no end in sight. I’ll admit it I love watching TV, but that’s only when something of value is actually on TV.  Cable has unlimited opportunities for things to watch, yet 80% of the time there is nothing of value on the screen. 


I continue to have this vision that one day something odd will happen; all of the technology that we have will completely burn out.  No television, no cell phones, no Internet, no video games, no movies, no anything.  As a society what will we do?  Most of us will panic and think it’s an alien invasion taking place or a conspiracy on the horizon. Or maybe, just maybe we will appreciate the people standing around us, take the time to get to know someone for who they are versus what they have or do not have.  It’s no longer a competition to see who has the latest gadget or the most sophisticated cell phone. 


Think about what I’m saying for one week.  If you had to give up one piece of technology what would it be and why?  Would you go crazy without it or would you find yourself at peace not having to worry about it?  For years people survived without television, music, movies, cell phones, the Internet, music devices, tablets, video games, etc.  Why would it be so hard for us to give up those things for just 1 day? 

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