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The Death Of Television
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 24, 2014 - 6:19:14 AM

Dorothy Wang is one of the "#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills."
UNITED STATES—Why are so many TV shows even created? More importantly what is the relevance of some shows? This was a question that I had to ask myself when I got a glimpse of the new reality series on E! “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.”  This series has to have the most self-absorbed, arrogant and annoying characters that I have ever seen in the 15 plus years that I have become accustomed to seeing in reality television.


Its like most people on reality TV are always attempting to be seen, they want to be noticed by the public, for what reason, I have no idea, but the characters on this show are so “into themselves” its scary.  It’s like they have no idea about the world outside of the world that they live in.


Perhaps the most annoying thing about this series is its attempt to make Twitter, Facebook and Hashtags super popular.  The imagery for this series is so underwhelming for a series about rich children in Beverly Hills is pathetic. Why would it be called “#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” when guess what, there are no rich kids. These are spoiled, bratty adults of Beverly Hills. 


The reason this series could be the death of television is because it promotes bad behavior and almost promotes the idea of money being the most important thing in the world, when we all know its not.  Once again the constant social media imagery annoys the hell out of me.  For these people to be so rich and spend tons of hours each day on social media sends a signal: maybe you should be searching for a job by chance. 


One interesting facet is that Roxy (the Persian princess), sounds like someone the audience may know on the Bravo hit “Shahs of Sunset.” Her name is Lily, the big difference is Lily actually works, while Roxy doesn’t.  They promote bad behavior, ignorance and stupidity in my opinion. I wouldn’t dare allow my child or any youngsters watch this trash, it’s not entertaining or educating anything or important at all. It’s like the parents are condoning such bad behavior and promote living in a world of self-indulgence and putting the focus on materialistic items.


I for once would like to see a reality series that exposes the downfall of money; perhaps seeing parents forcing their spoiled children a dose of reality so they can understand that you can be rich one day and flat broke the next day. Perhaps, teach them a few lessons about earning money, not being overly privileged and learning to appreciate that they are living a life that most people will never, I mean never get the opportunity to see. The focus on this series is simply materialistic items, conceited individuals and spoiled brats. There is no lesson to be learned watching the ”˜rich kids of Beverly Hills.’ The best lesson to be learned is not watching the series at all; it would save a lot of us plenty of grief.

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