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The Issue With Heading To War
By Trevor Roberts
Sep 22, 2013 - 3:41:16 AM

President Barack Obama
UNITED STATES—War is something that people like to avoid at all costs.  There is nothing to cheer about when it comes to heading into a war because lives are lost.  It's two forces going against one another to fight against an issue of importance; I can only imagine what is happening in the minds of those soldiers who are placed on the battlefield.  The thought that this could be the last breath that they take or maybe the perception that they are about to take the life of another human being.  With war, death is inevitable it’s going to happen and it does indeed change people.


The idea of a possible war brewing between the U.S. government and the Syrian government concerning the attacks of chemical warfare is an uneasy feeling.  I honestly haven’t felt good about the situation since hearing the possibility of a military strike by the United States.  Could we be opening the floodgates for World War III? I seriously hope not because our nation cannot afford it.  We are already in the midst of a debt crisis, we have countless concerns over healthcare and unemployment rates have yet to stabilize and decrease.  With so many issues on the U.S. end, the idea of engaging in a war that may have no direct impact on our nation has so many concerned. 


I am a believer that we can not sit back and partake in the bystander effect.  Let’s just wait and see what happens and if a threat perhaps comes our way then we’ll make a strike. That’s not a smart idea in my opinion.  The idea of the President and Congress allowing a military strike sends the direct message that we will not tolerate such heinous acts of violence against human life, especially against children who are not able to fight their battles.


The idea of war terrifies me because the outcome is never known.  No one can predict how many lives will be lost.  No one can predict what will happen in the aftermath of war. No one can predict what ramifications will take place to a country or countries involved in the war.  There are so many unknowns that can have a detrimental impact to the nation.  Parts of Japan are still reeling from effects of the atomic bomb being dropped during World War II and it’s been nearly 70 years later. 


The advancement of technology today compared to what it was several decades ago have vastly changed. Our government’s intelligence is unlike any other.  We have a strong grasp on what is taking place in other nations and who may or may not have their hands on weapons that they should not.  At the same time, we don’t know details all the time.  We have no idea rather the Syrian regime is planning to attack the U.S. government or some neighboring country for implementing a military attack if one does indeed happen. My hope is that war is deterred at all costs, but I do fear some sort of attack may take place in the imminent future.

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