Point of View
The Looming Tax Cut
By LaDale Anderson
Nov 21, 2012 - 3:46:57 PM

UNITED STATES—The election is over, we can all celebrate. Not so fast.  In a few mere months something dark could be looming over the nation if Congress is not able to come to an agreement about the current tax plan in place. If both Republicans and Democrats do not come to a unanimous decision, taxes on all Americans could reach detrimental effects. The Republicans want to maintain the tax cut for the extremely wealthy, the Democrats would like for the rich to pay a higher percentage of taxes than what most are already paying. What is it going to take for these political titans to come to an agreement?



Let it be crystal clear, if an agreement is not reached between both parties, the middle class and lower class will see themselves taxed even more than they already are and a blowout could occur between all Americans that will have ripple effects for both parties. Politics is about negotiation; it’s not all about who is in power because power is short-lived; no political party reigns supreme forever, the balance of power continues to shift. Republicans can be in charge one year, and the next year Democrats could be back in power. Both parties need to take a good luck in the mirror and remember who they are representing: the people. 


The focus should not just be on a particular group. The decision that is made has to be one that benefits everyone involved. The 2008 economic crash had ripple effects that continue to stifle many Americans today, those still searching for work or living from paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet. Another blow to their wallets may put them over the edge and lose faith completely in the American government as we know it.


Both parties have to be willing to compromise and develop an agreement that will be beneficial to all Americans and prevent the country from going into further debt. We’re already borrowing cash from every possible ally out there; we can control the massive spending debt if we cut out unnecessary spending. We should not be cutting programs that are beneficial to certain groups, tax dollars should used to develop training programs for people that will help them gain willful employment that has longevity and that is not short-term. I say we lock all Republicans and Democrats in a room. 


If they are unable to compromise they stay in that room and suffer with one another the way the rest of America is currently suffering in this economy. I think many will agree with me when I say Americans want bi-partisan politics. Not everyone is completely Democratic, Republican or Independent. We all want the same things in life, it’s now up to our representatives that we have placed into office to fight for those things that so many of us desperately need.

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