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The Super Bowl Hype
By Trevor Roberts
Feb 8, 2014 - 12:51:34 AM

UNITED STATES—I can’t tell you how annoyed I get with people who make the Super Bowl into this over the top, extravagant event.  People fail to realize it’s a football game, what makes it any more special than any other day of the year? Some may speculate I’m bitter because, I don’t watch football, not the case at all; I’m an avid football fan, particularly college as it’s more thrilling to watch. Anyone who doubts that claim should watch the recent Super Bowl. 

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson celebrates.


People literally take the day off of work, make plans to not work the day after, its almost like the nation comes to a halt for a four hour football game, where its obvious whoever scores first tends to win the big game anyway. At least that’s the perspective I have come to realize from watching the Super Bowl for the past decade, there has only been a time or two where the ”˜big game’ actually turned out to be an amazing game from start to finish.

We spends thousands, perhaps millions on snacks and alcohol for the big day, I just wonder why we don’t do the same for The World Series, the NBA championship game or the Stanley Cup.  I mean think about it, the Super Bowl has only been around for 48 years, so before 1956, what did Americans do before the big game came to be in existence?


Did we halt daily routine, did we make it a rule to not do anything, but stay glued to the television screen all day and what the hell is the hype with those stupid commercials? Seriously, seeing a Doritos commercial has not caused me to fly out to purchase a bag of Doritos. I’m not saying advertising doesn’t work, but some people ”˜seriously’ take the entire idea of advertising for the Super Bowl, as something that will either make or break there company.


That’s like the countless commercials pertaining to the major auto companies; seeing a horse and a puppy bond is cute, but I’m not purchasing a vehicle because of it.  The movie trailers definitely are a pointer to grabbing my attention considering I’m a movie lover, so I guess the commercials have an impact depending on what you’re looking for.


My biggest gripe with the 2014 Super Bowl was how dreadful it was! It had to be the worse Super Bowl I’ve seen in 15 years easy.  The Seattle Seahawks came to play, the Denver Broncos just showed up. It was a complete blowout and was painful to watch the game. I couldn’t wait for the half-time show because I needed something to entertain me. I must eve admit on multiple occasions after the second half, I chose to change the channel to see what else was happening on television.


My only reasoning so much hype surrounds the Super Bowl is the fact that football is considered the quintessential American sport that caters to all cultures. People love football, and the Super Bowl is the one time of year that we can celebrate the sport in all of its excessive glory.

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