Point of View
To Sue Or Not To Sue
By Trevor Roberts
Jul 6, 2014 - 7:21:39 PM

UNITED STATES—I’m sorry, but it’s almost like I hear about a frivolous lawsuit everyday. I have to stop myself in my tracks and ask, “Really?” Why is our legal system held up with such stupidity? I feel like people file lawsuits whenever the opportunity arises, as it’s a quick way to earn a buck. Not only is it a waste of time, it's downright annoying, in my opinion.


I mean, are some people just sitting around waiting for ideas to pop into their mind about how they can sue someone? The countless commercials that are seen on television during the day by lawyers clamoring for people to inquire about their services to seek legal redemption are never ending. It’s like law firms spend so much money on television advertising, you wonder how they stay in business.

Judge Judy.

So, what actually constitutes a lawsuit? Is it someone being wronged, someone looking to earn a quick buck or some form of notoriety? How about all of the above?! I feel for celebrities who seem to be hit with lawsuits left and right. Their publicist is suing them, their assistant, their agency, someone who was inadvertently affected by something they thought the celeb was responsible for, the list goes on and on. I recently heard of a lawsuit that a homeless woman who wrote a script to have several big time celebrities be forced to show up in court. Like, on a legal technicality, how is this possible? I mean, really? Is this what we’re using our legal system for?

What has to be the worse of them all is when family members sue other family members. What’s that saying, “Blood is thicker than water?” It's obvious when it comes to money, nothing is more important. People will lie, steal, kill, cheat and almost every other thing in the book to make a quick buck.


Just watch the pendulum of court shows on television and it will make you crazy. My biggest frustration with people suing one another, is more than 60 percent of the cases are thrown out to begin with because of a slew of factors. It ranges from a lack of evidence, inconsistency in their testimony, getting caught in a lie, witnesses getting caught in a lie or it’s just an absurd lawsuit to begin with.


I mean, some people might be shocked to discover this, but there is an actual constitutional amendment (the seventh) that states a person can sue another person as long as the monetary value equates to more than $20. Now think about that for a second, is it really worth wasting the court’s time, a jury’s time and the legal system’s time for an amount that small. No. Its not, which explains why most people rarely sue for minute amounts; instead they aim for the massive bucks, and most of the time, it’s not warranted in most cases.

Our legal system is already tied up with enough craziness as it is. If you’re aiming to sue someone or if you have imminent plans to sue another individual, the lawsuit should have some sort of merit. It’s a travesty to see so many judges and the courts to sit through hours of senseless banter. If you’re planning to take legal action, it should be because your life has been turned upside down by someone else’s negligence, not because you’re looking to earn a quick buck. It has been said time and time again, money is the root of all evil. I guess, for once, I would have to agree with that claim.

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