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Valentine”™s Day Another Hallmark Holiday
By Trevor Roberts
Feb 16, 2013 - 7:02:14 AM

UNITED STATES—Love is indeed in the air. There are some of those people who despise Valentine’s Day because it’s just another day where businesses get money for the sake of getting money.  It’s a holiday all about celebrating love which is a great thing, but why in the world is one holiday set aside to celebrate love?  Isn’t it something we should be celebrating every single day?  If you love someone you shouldn’t have to go all out on a particular day to prove it.

It’s all about the flowers, candies, jewelry and perfume.  The thing that bugs me about this holiday is so much emphasis is always placed on the female.  Why aren’t we males just as important as the females?  We sometimes want to feel loved.  So much emphasis is placed on the “gift.”  For most, it’s efficient to give flowers and cards.  I’m guessing retailers alone will draw in a few million on greeting cards and flowers this holiday.


For some they like to take stakes a bit higher with chocolates or jewelry.  Jewelry is always a big one as so many couples get engaged during the holiday, but what happens if the significant other is not happy with the gift given or the standards are a bit lower than one expected or worse what if you forget? 


Let’s hope you do not forget about the lovely holiday, otherwise you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a few days, maybe even a few weeks.  Most take their lovers out to dinner, while some catch a movie.  I will indeed hate to work at a restaurant as they’re super busy and those employees don’t get the chance to spend the holiday with their significant other.  Do you get my point? 


It’s all about business, it’s about making money.  It has nothing to do with celebrating love, if you truly love someone there are ways to display that without spending a fortune that will break the bank.  In the end, you’re likely to still be in love anyway.  If you want to really express your feelings how about doing something special on any day except for Valentine’s.  It shows your partner that you don’t have to celebrate your love on one particular day which has been specified for it. 


The unexpected makes romance so much more fulfilling.  When one doesn’t expect it, it shows spontaneity.  Its when a person expects it, that expectations are set so high, many are unable to deliver on those promises.  The unfortunate side effect is some relationships falter because of V-Day.  Love is universal.  It’s something everyone wants because it’s a feeling unlike any other.  When you love someone there are countless ways to show it, no one holiday can truly express the love that you have for someone, regardless of the gifts purchased.  Remember in the long run it’s the thought that counts, not the gift.

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