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Violence On Public Transit
Posted by LaDale Anderson on Nov 16, 2012 - 4:22:21 PM

UNITED STATES—In the recent weeks, multiple reports have surfaced of violent incidents aboard public transit systems.  Two disturbing videos have leaked online courtesy of individuals recording the incident with their phones.  It’s hard to believe in this day in age, that you are being watched at all times, no matter where you go.  It’s unfathomable to see such violent video being spread in the media as if it’s something entertaining to watch; who in the world wants to see a bus driver and a patron fighting.  I don’t. 


Screen capture from cell video of bus driver just after upper-cutting a passanger (via youtube)
When I heard about the video of a bus driver delivering an uppercut to a female passenger I was horrified.  What in the world could this woman have done to make someone get that physical.  I have seen the video and I was appalled at everything that was being depicted.  The female passenger was being unruly, she spit on the driver and she physically assaulted him before he reacted.  It’s despicable to see a man deliver such a violent blow to a female.  I don’t care how unruly or physical the female got that should have been a last resort, almost on the lines of your life being in danger.  He could have physically restrained her or called the police.


However, what disturbed me the most were the other patrons on the bus, just sitting and laughing as it was okay.  Someone should have stepped up and intervened before that driver decided to punch the lady.  Don’t sit there and wait until after he has punched her and literally throws her off the bus before intervening.  I do understand the perspective of some people not knowing what could happen if they intervene.  Some people might have a weapon on them, which places their life in danger, but with so many people on that bus someone could have taken the initiative to de-escalate a heated situation.


Just mere weeks after that incident took place, another incident involving a bus driver in Baltimore surfaced.  This time it was a female bus driver who got into a scuffle with a female passenger who refused to turn down her music.  To make a long story short words were exchanged and before you know it both ladies were engaged in a physical altercation.  Once again what appalls me is to see all the other patrons on the bus sit back and watch as if this is a reality show and it’s entertaining to watch.  There is nothing funny about this at all and to see people on message boards commenting as if it’s okay is a shame. 


It’s a tragic day in society when people who rely on public transportation to get to work and school are unable to ride the bus in peace.  Its almost like security guards have to be on the bus to prevent such incidents of this magnitude from taking place. I sure hope no children were on the bus at the time of either of these incidents, but I have a feeling that is not the case.  Under no circumstance should they be exposed to such violence and think that it’s okay.   The sad thing is there are likely many more cases where such violence has taken place on public buses.  I recall seeing a video about a year ago of a violent altercation on a bus in Detroit where the driver was seen kicking two to three patrons off the bus.  Everyone who saw the video thought it was absolutely hilarious, I found it disturbing.  Have we become a society so desensitized to violence that nothing unnerves us? 


This recent hash of violence on public transportation is appalling to say the least and anyone who thinks it’s acceptable please ask yourself the question, what would you do if you were the person on the receiving end of the violence?  More importantly can you just sit back and watch such violence take place and not want to intervene to stop what is happening?


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